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How much will it cost to build a gaming pc in 2021?

How much will it cost to build a gaming pc in 2021?

How much does it cost to build a gaming pc in 2021? While gaming pc manufacturing is very competitive and prices on PC hardware are falling, gaming pc hardware is still not cheap. Over time the gaming market gets more expensive and that leads to gamers spending more on gaming hardware. But gamers still can spend less and get a more competitive PC that is still powerful enough to play modern games.

In 2021 the average gaming PC will cost around $750 and a gaming pc costing more than $2000 is extremely unlikely. I think it will cost around $850 or less.

How much does it cost to build a gaming pc in 2021?

A graphics card needs to be priced around $150, and a GPU built using a certain specific type of silicon (micro-irons, wetware, GDDR6, GDDR5X, GDDR5, GDDR5, GDDR4, GDDR3, etc) requires a certain amount of power. GPU prices are constantly falling and using the latest generation of silicon can lead to dramatically lower prices.

GPU prices started to drop in 2014 and they will continue to fall. This is good news for gamers, as costs will be less and so the price of a gaming pc will be lower in 2021.

What about graphics card performance?

GPU performance in the last 3 years or so has been dramatically reduced. When we built our gaming pc in 2011/2012 GPUs had a ton of raw performance and they consumed a ton of power.

Today GPU performance and power consumption are considerably lower. GPUs consume a lot less power (some are already close to consuming a few watts) and they don’t need as much raw performance to play games. GPUs have fewer cores, sometimes only 4 cores, they don’t require as much RAM or many CPUs in their platform, they don’t have to work as hard to process data.

This means that today’s GPUs are almost twice as efficient as they were a few years ago. What does that mean? It means that the current generation of gaming pc is more than 2x as powerful as they were a few years ago.

We built a gaming pc with an Intel CPU and NVIDIA GPU. That PC was made in 2013/2014, but we didn’t need a huge amount of power. It consumed less power than my first gaming pc built-in in 2007. The cost of the components on that first gaming pc was around $1400, the cost of the components on the second gaming pc we built in 2013 was less than $1000 (in US dollars).

The components were both built with today’s cheapest micro-irons and by using modern chipsets (from Intel and NVIDIA) we were able to build a PC that was more than twice as powerful and only 1/2 the cost. So in 2015, the cost to build a gaming pc was less than it was in 2012.

Will prices continue to drop?

GPU prices will continue to fall and so will the cost to build a gaming pc. This will continue until GPUs reach a price that is twice as high as they were in 2014. This will take some time; I think it will take until 2022 for GPU prices to reach that point.

Does this mean you should wait?

No, we think it is better to build a gaming PC today and use today’s cheap/fast micro-irons and have one that is more than twice as fast as the last one. It will take a few years before micro-irons are cheaper and faster than they are today.

So the best thing to do is to build a gaming pc today using today’s fast micro-irons and by doing so you will have a more capable and powerful gaming pc in 2021 than you would have had in 2013/2014.

What will it cost?

It is impossible to answer this question without seeing the price of the latest generation of gaming chips. But it looks like the price of today’s best gaming chips are very close to costing less than they were in 2013/2014. This means that you can expect the price of a gaming PC built with modern chipsets to cost less than in 2014/2015.

Today’s cheapest micro-irons will cost around $80 (which is less than in 2014/2015) and that means that a gaming pc built with modern micro-irons will cost between $600 and $750 (with micro-irons costing more than $70 today).

So the best way to figure out how much it costs to build a gaming pc in 2021 is for gamers who want to have a fast gaming pc today and would like a better gaming pc now in 2021, the best thing to do is to build a gaming pc today using today’s cheapest micro-irons (which are less than $70 today).

What will it cost to build a gaming pc today?

This is the most important question you should ask yourself. The cost to build a gaming pc today, before the price of chipsets falls, is almost twice as high as it was a few years ago. If you want a fast gaming pc in 2021 you should start building a gaming pc today.

I have come to realize that to have a gaming pc that is twice as fast and more powerful than the last gaming pc you built, you need to build a gaming pc today that is over $2000 (in US dollars). If you build a gaming pc around $2000 today then you will have a more capable and powerful gaming pc than what you had in 2014. And I am also placing the link to my recommendation for a Gaming PC below. 

So this concludes this topic for How much does it cost to build a gaming pc in 2021? If you have any question regarding pc building then leave comments below

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