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Rog Gaming Keyboard – Strix Scope RX Review 2023

Topic:- Rog Gaming Keyboard – Strix Scope RX Review 2023


Rog Gaming Keyboard – Strix Scope RX Review 2023. Hey everyone and welcome back to the blog. If you find this article informative or helpful, Don’t forget to leave a comment, well today we are going to deep dive into an amazing keyboard with a ton of functionality. The ROG Strix Scope RX. 

So now, let us discuss what is in the box. The box actually is very straightforward. Inside you got a nice protective covering of the keyboard itself, wrapped up some nice sticker branding, a warranty card and a little quick start guide.

Rog gaming keyboard - Strix Scope RX Review 2023

  • Well built and very convenient to utilize.
  • Great durability.
  • Water resistance.

  • No wrist wrest.
  • Thick, obtrusive rubber cable.


There are two USB cables, one for the keyboard lighting and one for the functionality of the keyboard itself. Space key, AWSD, Enter Key and just a mix mash, now the switches are ROG RX Red Optical Mechanical Switches that is first of their kind and developed by ROG & ASUS. They have a 1.5mm actuation point for lightning-fast inputs.

An initial force of 40gf prevents accidental and goes all the way up to 55gf for perfect rebound feedback. ROG RX Red switches as we know with most red switches are to help support fast input specifically when gaming where every millisecond matters.

This feels dramatically different compared to a brown switch or a blue switch. You just feel right away how much less pressure you need to put. It just feels like it glides. But I do notice that rebound time just in case you have an accidental push.

They have a slightly different feel from the red keyboards I have used in the past. I can still hear the pressure and feedback and feels less mushy. But in a positive way. This is my own interpretation and wording from as many keyboards I have utilized throughout the years. They bolster the keystrokes have a 1ms response time and 100 million keystroke lifespan.

So that is a positive. I used this in-game, I will admit, I loved knowing the response time is there. Good to know having quality behind the grind. Shaking the keyboard around it is wobble-free, so that’s a positive, definitely expected from a keyboard of this caliber.


Rog gaming keyboard - Strix Scope RX Review 2021

Now as a favourite with ASUS products is the lighting, we have the ROG on the upper right lighting up and backlit keys across the board. Also, the number in which the mode you have put in is present.

Currently, you see it listed as 1. We have a ton of custom lighting going on, and even in the software itself, you see ways you can change the lighting. It comes with already a ton of presets and you can go through them like switching a page in a book going from mode to mode in terms of lighting. 


Rog gaming keyboard - Strix Scope RX Review 2021

Now, from what you can see on the keyboard there are labels on lock, macro, and so forth which we will cover in a moment. So as we dive deeper into core functionality. There is the alloy top which feels very pristine, love when they have this finish on keyboards because it really helps them last.

There is a USB 2.0 pass-through of the keyboard for device charging and external storage I saw there is an extended Ctrl key. This is good if you use it for ping, crouch or a key bind. Just know that placement because it does kind of move the keys and takes a moment to adjust where you place your hand.

Not a big deal, but with any change, it is good to notate. There is a nice reset key that minimizes your screen. That is pretty cool. Nice click of a button there. Also on the top row, you see the multimedia keys. 

Now there are tons of keys that adjust lighting, mode, lock, these need the function key pressed alongside to activate. So you press FN then that button and it will do that specific task. So what I like about that is the fact it helps keep the keyboard minimal. Some prefer large keyboards, some prefer small ones. It just depends on the keyboard. 

This one is a full-on keyboard with a keypad and all. So if you play vertical just be mindful of its spacing. There are obviously TKL versions that ASUS has of other keyboards as well. This is a fun keyboard and great addition; it comes in at $129.99. I have used a ton of keyboards in my day and can honestly say it’s pretty good. I don’t have many downsides to it honestly. 


Real quick, let’s look at the software. Downloading it you need to get the armoury. It takes a few minutes to install, but once you launch it, you can program macros, new lighting, and really add anything and everything under the sun. 

This is all pretty straightforward though, you got profiles you can set up, can make it so it engages with specific games if you like, and like we mentioned can record Macros.

If that is your bag and what you are into. I recommend coming in and just playing around with it. With a keyboard, you won’t really mess anything up. This is that nice added value. Can always reset things and everything coming in stock is already set up nicely! Also, you can also sync all your devices.


Without the smooth and clean however deep details, the Asus Rock Strikes Scope RX is a strong gaming keyboard, loaded with lights, performance and extremely pleasant to utilize. Obviously, it’s anything but modest, yet very little with the 129.99, it’s less expensive than different options in a section where the Asus console sits serenely, showing its undeniable qualities.

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