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4GB Graphic Card Laptop – HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop in 2023

Topic:- 4GB Graphic Card Laptop – HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop in 2023

The best 4GB Graphic Card gaming laptop that can boost your gaming performance and if you have a budget of around 750$ and at that price you want to do gaming or do content creations, I think you can go for this laptop. This is an HP Pavilion gaming 15 laptop and this is one of the best in this price range. If we talk about spec then its specs are not top-notch, its specs are decent you will an overall all package at this price range.

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop

  • Amazing gaming performance.
  • Runs smooth while gaming.
  • Solid battery life.
  • Dim, somewhat dull display in daytime.
  • No Thunderbolt 3 port.


Its specs are Ryzen 3550H and its boost clock is 2.1 GHz to 3.7 GHz I think it is enough for750$ laptop. You will get 1 TB hard disk and you will also get a PCI slot to install SSD, It also has an SSD install variant but our budget is 750 US dollars so this variant doesn’t have it. Its higher variant has SSD.

Let’s talk about its next detail which is the Nvidia 4 GB graphic card NVIDIA GTX 1650 most of the gaming is coming. Whichever expensive gaming laptop is coming, if we see their specs too then it also have at least 1650Ti but this comes with 1650 not 1650Ti and if we talk about its RAM then it has 8 GB RAM [DDR4] which can also be upgradable to 16 GB and RAM speed is 2400 MHz, which is good for a gaming laptop.

I think ram also come in most speed, if we see PC then there are 3200 MHz,3600 MHz but you will get 2400 MHz in this and you upgrade it too and if we look at its design then its design feels very premium and awesome as compared to any other laptop in this segment and the middle of the lead of this laptop then it is in green gradient finish with HP written on it, which I like it and all laptop is in matt black finish which I like too much many people may also not like it and in the bottom of it, you will small engraving of Pavilion which give it a classy look.


4GB Graphic Card Laptop - HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop in 2021

I talk about the ports of this laptop then on the right side of this laptop, you will get one USB 3.1 support and one Ethernet port and one USB type c port and below that a headphone jack port [3.5mm jack] and on the left side, you will get a charging port and one USB2.1 port. I don’t know why they gave a 2.1 port everything else on the left side is clean when you open the laptop then you see that there is the cutout inside of the hinge which gives it a gaming-centric laptop look. I mean it is not too aggressive look but rather have minimalistic look and it looks good in reality according to me.

Screen & Camera

And if we talk about its screen then it has 60 Hz screen and it also comes with 144 Hz but as I told earlier for that you have paid more and its screen is 1920 x 1080p, 60 Hz IPS Display and its screen is not bad it is quite good and this laptop has normal 720p HD camera which is not too good if you want to do gaming stream don’t use this camera because it is horrible for that, you can get any Logitech camera/webcam which will be better for a streaming game or YouTube uploads too.

Two Airflow Fan

On the bottom side of this laptop, there are two fans, these fans are for maintaining airflow because whenever you will do hardcore gaming or do video editing for some time then the laptop’s processor and GPU will use their power at that time and it will heat that’s why to maintain airflow.

There won’t be much problem with the fan, If you see near hinge there are also some small vent given to maintain airflow, if we see all over experience then this laptop is awesome but if you use this laptop in outdoor then you will find its brightness not up to the mark but if you do any office work in an office or do gaming in the room it will work best for this price segment one of the best laptop available.


Its speaker looks very good not too loud but gives crystal clear sound Speaker comes from Bang & amp; Olufsen and speaker are very good and if we talk about keyboard then the keyboard is in full purple theme with backlit Keyboard is very good and I didn’t find any problem during gaming. But if you going to do hardcore gaming then you should consider buying a wireless keyboard.

Final Thought

As a tech reviewer, I didn’t recommend Ryzen Processor much especially for laptop because in the laptop Intel processor work finer than Ryzen [more compatible with Intel But after using it I didn’t find a major problem at all. I am saying this because I am building a PC and playing the game for quite a time But then I don’t upload videos on YouTube have experience of this so if you need to choose between Intel or Ryzen for PC then you should buy Ryzen but in the laptop, you should try to go for Intel but for a price range if Intel is offering less then you should lean toward Ryzen like this laptop.

This laptop’s Ryzen CPU is best and if you want to know anything about this laptop Please ask in the comment section I will try my best to answer it so that’s all for this article.

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