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Best Small Smart TVs in 2023 (Small TVs Reviews And Buying Guide) 

Topic:- Best Small Smart TVs in 2023 (Small TVs Reviews And Buying Guide) 

Hello, in this article, I am going to introduce to you the 3 best small smart TVs. After a long time researching and analyzing related product quality, features, price, and other factors, I have compiled this list of the best small smart TV, which can serve as a decent reference for you before you purchase. As the products’ costs and details may change as often as possible, it is recommended to click on the links to get the most recent information about the products before you get them. So, let’s start with the 1st product on the list.

VIZIO D32X-D1 – Best Budget Friendly

Best Small Smart TVs in 2021 (Small TVs Reviews And Buying Guide) 

VIZIO D32X-D1 – Best Budget Friendly

  • 1080p resolution.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Great price.
  • Wide range of popular apps.
  • Sound quality isn’t top class.

It is the VIZIO D32X-D1, the best affordable small TV.VIZIO pretty much dominates when it comes to high-quality value TVs in the US, and the VIZIO D32X-D1 is one of the best. This TV has DTS Studio Sound built into it, which adds to the richness of the audio from its two built-in speakers, almost a surround quality. For a more cinematic listening experience, the Sound master system can be purchased separately.

Since it’s a D-Series Smart TV, the D32X-D1has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and the VIZIO Internet App Plus. This gives you access to Internet radio stations like Pandora and iHeart Radio, news apps, and apps for streaming content like Hulu and Netflix. You can also use your smartphone or tablet to connect directly to the TV to play the content you’re viewing on those devices. With a few taps, the Netflix show or YouTube video you’re watching on your phone in the other room can appear directly on your TV.

The D32X-D1 includes HDMI and USB ports, making it fairly simple to connect the TV to your other devices, such as your laptop. This TV is also Energy Star certified and runs on less energy than a standard LCD TV. It comes with a sleek and simple remote control that features shortcut buttons for XUMO, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.

Samsung QN32Q50RAFZA – Best 32 Inch Samsung TV 

Best Small Smart TVs in 2021 (Small TVs Reviews And Buying Guide) 

Samsung QN32Q50RAFZA – Best 32 Inch Samsung TV

  • Good picture quality.
  • Nice reflection handling.
  • Very good wide colour gamut.
  • Excellent contrast and black levels.

  • Mediocre sound quality.

The 2nd product on the list. It is the Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA, the best32 Inch TV. The Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA is a nice 32-inch, 4k TV that offers similar performance to the larger 55-inch TVs. It provides good overall picture quality with an excellent colour gamut, but like most VA TVs, the image quality degrades when viewed at an angle.

It has an excellent low input latency, making it great for gaming, but unfortunately, it doesn’t support any advanced gaming features such as FreeSync. Despite the lack of local dimming, the image quality is quite good overall thanks to excellent contrast and good deep blacks. It supports both HDR10 and HDR10+, and while its HDR peak brightness is disappointing, resulting in less than perfect HDR content, its SDR peak brightness is excellent, and it fights glare and reflections in a moderately bright room.

It can even be used as a computer monitor due to its size and ability to correctly display 4:4:4 chroma, making it ideal for tight spaces like dorm rooms. All in all, this is an excellent all-around model that brings higher-end features to smaller TVs.

TCL 43S525 – Best Small Smart TV

Best Small Smart TVs in 2021 (Small TVs Reviews And Buying Guide) 

TCL 43S525 – Best Small Smart TV

  • Super affordable.
  • Roku TV built-in. Deep, uniform blacks.
  • Great low input lag.
  • Narrow viewing angle.

The 3rd product on the list. It is the TCL 43S525, the best small smart TV. We think the best small smart TV currently available is the TCL Series 5/43S525 2019. It is a good budget, 4k TV with excellent picture quality. While other models on this list have smart operating systems, this one has Roku TV built-in, making it easy to use and smooth to navigate through the menus.

This one offers excellent overall performance at an affordable price. It’s great for placing in dark environments, as its VA panel provides exceptionally deep blacks, and it has excellent black uniformity. It doesn’t have a local dimming feature, which is normal for an affordable model. But it has good out-of-the-box colour accuracy, the43S525 can display a wide colour gamut for HDR content, and it handles gradients very well.

It’s also a great choice for gaming, as it has fast response times and low input latency. But it doesn’t support any VRR, and the refresh rate is limited to 60Hz. unfortunately, the TCL 43S525 doesn’t have a wide viewing angle, which is a common problem with VA panels, and it’s not very bright. This means it can’t fight glare, and it doesn’t deliver highlights in HDR either. Fortunately, it does an excellent job of boosting low-resolution content, such as that coming from a DVD or cable box. All in all, this is the smartest feature-packed small TV we’ve seen so far.

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Well, folks, that’s it for now on the best small smart TV for 2023. If you liked this article, please help us to click the links. If you’ve never seen our blog before, consider subscribing to it, and we’ll do our best to gather the best and newest products on the market to introduce to you. It is our goal to make sure you get the best product for the least amount of money.

If you’re looking for a good small smart TV, be sure to check out the links to find the latest prices and more information on the products featured in this article. We hope you and your loved ones safe and we’ll see you in the next blog.


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