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Top 3 Best Lenovo Legion Gaming Laptop | Legion 5 Pro

What’s going on guys, today we are going over some of Lenovo announcements that they are going to be telling everyone during the CES 2021. I’m super excited because it deals with the Legion lineup and their Lenovo Legion Gaming Laptop so let’s get right into it. All right, so this year I CES 2021, Lenovo is definitely showing a lot of love to the Legion lineup.

Top 3 Best Lenovo Legion Gaming Laptop | Legion 5 Pro |

Legion 5 15/17 Inch | Legion 7 16 Inch


Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 16 inch

Lenovo Legion Gaming Laptop

The first one is the Legion 5 pro 16 inch. They’re definitely going to upgrade, almost all their laptops to the AMD Ryzen 7. Super excited about that. The primary operating system is either going to be Windows 10 Pro or the Home Edition. The graphics they haven’t announced yet what you know what’s the cap on the graphics, but you’re definitely going to get the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX for the five pro 16 inches, you could definitely get it up to 16 gigs of memory storage, up to two terabytes.

And they actually advertising that the battery is about eight hours, definitely got to get that laptop in the lab to test that out. Now the power adapter is going to be 230 watts, a slim adapter which is not that bad and for the display is around 16 inches Quad HD with a resolution of 2560 by 1600 its IPS now one cool thing about the display on the five Pro. You can actually get a 165 refresh rate, which is awesome 500 nits HDR, and you’re going to definitely get the Nvidia g sync now starting weight for this particular machine is going to be around 5.4 pounds. It does have a backlit keyboard, you can either get it white or blue backlit, or the four-zone RGB, I would definitely go for the RGB one and one cool thing about this laptop and the other laptops is that they do come with gray, blue, but stingray white, and it is beautiful.

Now all the laptops are going to definitely get a webcam 720p HD now for ports and features in the five Pro on the left side you’re definitely going to get a Type C port that supports display, combo audio jack and on the right side, you’re going to get one 3.2 USB and an E shutter button. Now on the backside of the five Pro, you’re going to get three 3.2 USB ports, an additional type C port that supports display one HDMI one RJ 45, and then you have your power port.


Lenovo Legion 5 15/17 inch

Lenovo Legion Gaming Laptop

Now for the Legion five, again, AMD processor, Windows 10. And for this one, you could go up to 32 gigs, and for the power supply is only 170 watts for display, this is only the 15.6 Full HD, you’re definitely going to get the refresh rate of 165 hertz. If you do get that one it’s around 300 nits, the lowest one is 60 hertz, and the starting weight for this particular model is around 5.3 pounds.

And on this model, this is the one that you are able to get the Phantom blue, I would definitely get the stingray whites because it looks so beautiful for ports and features on the five, it kind of shares the same ports and features as the five Pro, so there’s not a big difference there. Now if you don’t want the 15 inches you could upgrade to the 17 inches, and again on this one, the highest of memory is 16 gigs, you’re definitely going to get that AMD ryzen processor operating system is the same for the power supply, you’re going to get a 230-watt adapter, and for display.

This one only goes up to 144 refresh rates. Full HD with a resolution of 1920 by 1080. It’s only 17.3 inches, and the starting weight for the 17 inches is around six-point, 57 pounds, and you only have one option for the keyboard it’s only white that sucks it would have been cool if you’d gave us RGB and only comes in one color. Now personally I would definitely go for the 17 inches and the reason why is because it has a card reader. And that’s, that’s me.


Lenovo Legion 7 16 inch

Lenovo Legion Gaming Laptop

Now the last one on the list is the Legion 7 16 inch. This one you can actually go up to 32 gigs of memory, two terabytes in storage size, and for the power supply, it is a 300-watt slim adapter. This one 16 inches Quad HD with a resolution of 2560 by 1600 and for the Legion seven you’re definitely going to get that 165 hertz, refresh rate on the display. It does have Nvidia g sync technology on it, and it is also HDR with 500 nits which is awesome.

Now the starting weight for this machine is around 5.5 pounds for the keyboard backlight. It is only RGB so you don’t have the options to do you know the White but who wants that, who knows, and it’s only one colour it is storm grey it’d been awesome if the seven was stingray white come on Lenovo, give us that for ports and features on the Legion 7 16, inch on the left side you’re definitely going to get one type C that supports display, you got your combo audio jack on the right side you have an additional type see this one does not support display. It’s okay. You have one e shutter button, and on the backside, you have three 3.2 USB ports.

One of them is always on charging you have an additional type C port, which also supports display which is awesome. You have one HDMI one RJ 45. And last but not least, you have your power port and that’s it guys for this year’s CES 2021 announcements from Lenovo I am super excited about the Legion lineup. They’re finally showing a lot of love to their processor and given us AMD processors finally, they’re also integrating AI technology to their system to efficiently, kind of boost the CPU and the GPU depending on what we’re doing to the machines. So for us gamers, all we have to do is just power on the machine and the machine will do everything for us behind the scenes is less work for us which is awesome. I would definitely like to know what you guys would pick, if you had the option to pick one of these guys leave it in the comment section. And that’s it

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So this concludes the topic for Top 3 Best Lenovo Legion Gaming Laptop. That’s about it for me, I forgot to tell you something, If you’re enjoying this article, please make sure to share the article. If you have any questions, comment down below, and I’ll try my best to answer them.

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