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Garmin Vivoactive 4 Smart Watch | Vivoactive 4 Review

Hi Guys, In this article, we’re taking a look at the Garmin Vivoactive 4 Smart Watch from Garmin. I’ve been working hard doing all the product research and checking out all the reviews so that you don’t have too. stick around So Garmin they’re a multinational manufacturer of technology and they specialize in GPS marine and aviation and obviously smartwatches. Garmin operates in several countries including the UK the US and Taiwan most of the manufacturing we believe is done in Taiwan. The Garmin Vivoactive 4 is just one of the smartwatches on offer from Garmin. Other watch options include the Venue, the Fenix, instinct and the Forerunner Range The Garmin Vivoactive 4 does seem to be a bit cheaper price than some of these other high-end watches. Now this one comes in a variety of different colour options you can have white gold, rose gold, silver, stainless steel or slate stainless steel.

Garmin Vivoactive 4

There’s a wide range of brands that you can get with the watch and there’s a whole bunch of aftermarket bands so you can pretty much buy any aftermarket band that you like off eBay or Amazon or any other watch band website or even a watch store. You’ll be able to use that band, stick it on your watch it really gives you great customisation there are two different options for size on this watch you can get the 4s which is the smaller version it’s a 40-millimetre watch or the Garmin Vivoactive 4 active for a larger watch 45millimeters it’s really a personal preference if you do have a bigger hand or you like bigger watches, the four might be a great option. The 4s a little bit smaller if you have a small wrist or you prefer a smaller watch that could be an option for you. it is worth noting that there is no price difference between the two watches. Now, this watch face is covered in Gorilla Glass 3. Quite a tough glass.

The touch screen is a two hundred and sixty by two hundred and sixty-pixel display. The forty millimetre 4s comes with the industry-standard 18millimeter band and weighs 40 grams now the 45-millimetre watch comes with a 22millimeter band and weighs 50.5 grams According to Garmin the battery life for this device is actually up to 8 days which is pretty good the GPS mode with music up to 6 hours and GPS mode without music up to 18 hours Now this watch is water-resistant rated at 5 ATM. What does that mean? Apparently, it’s resistant to splashes of rain or snow you can shower with this watch swim or dive in the water and go snorkelling You can’t go scuba diving or high-speed watersports. A lot of the features on this watch are pretty standard that you would expect to get.

It does tell the time and has the date it does automatically update for daylight savings. It has an alarm clock, stopwatch, GPS with speed and distance tracking it’s got a compass and a step-counter. It does track your sleep and your heart rate. This watch has theSmartWatch notifications such as emails and texts straight to your wrist. One of the features of this watch is that music can be downloaded straight to the device which means you can go on a run if you want to listen to music without your phone with you you can do so directly through the watch. That’s really handy a lot of other watches don’t have that feature. This watch will tell you how many calories that you’ve estimated to burn for a specific day and it does have some specific features for cycling for golf and for swimming. This is compatible with both Apple and Android devices now this much does have the ability to pay using Garmin pay now I’m not sure that Garmin pay has as many banks that support it as Apple pay or Google pay but there is a huge list of banks that do support it We went on their website and we found a massive list if you’re wanting to use that feature I’d recommend that you have a look just to make sure your bank is included in that list.

You don’t want to buy it and then later find out that your bank doesn’t support it. When you’re unboxing you’re going to find three things in your box only. One SmartWatch, one charging cable and one instruction manual Now this charging cable is a proprietary charging cable. You won’t be able to get any other charging cable apart from the one that comes with it so you are gonna buy this watch make sure you don’t lose that cable. There are a few accessories that Garmin would be happy to sell you including some smart bike lights. Having a look at what the Android Authority has to say about this watch. Pretty positive with an 8.8/10 They say it’s really convenient to have the Garmin Pay. They think that the music storage is great and it’s got a good battery life, fairly accurate fitness tracking.

The only negative that they mentioned is it’s got a fairly high price. Android authority wants to point out the Garmin Vivoactive 4 is an upgrade from the Vivoactive 3 and it’s certainly a good mid-range sports watch. It’s not as flashy as some of the other Garmin watches like the venue but that might be a good thing. It has a more readable display and a longer battery life. It’s a great fitness tracker but as a SmartWatch, it could be better if you’re looking for something that’s more focused on the fitness side of things this could be a good option for you. At they’ve given it 4/5 stars! Great exercise tracking, great that it’s got GPS and they love that it’s got on watch music streaming. Some of the negatives from tech radar include the heart rate broadcast mode doesn’t work that well there’s no performance or conditioning training and Spotify integration could be better.

Tech Radar does go into a bit of detail about the battery four to five days battery life is more realistic up to eight days with no tracking. In a real-world setting you’re not going to expect to get 8 day’s life out of this battery I guess if you do want to buy this watch be prepared to charge it every few days rather than once a week. This is pretty normal with all smartwatches almost all devices that come with the battery the manufacturer is gonna try and sell how long their battery can last but in the real world, it’s never gonna last as long as the manufacturer says. Keep that in mind but overall this particular SmartWatch does have a battery that lasts a lot longer than some other smartwatches Having a look atTom’ it’s a well-rounded fitness-focused SmartWatch – better than Aviva active 3 more bells and whistles it comes in two sizes great! It’s got 2 button navigation Built-in music storage again that’s areal positive of this watch.

Toms Guide tells us that the Garmin Vivoactive 4 is a little bit pricey for what it offers in comparison to the competitors. But if you’re looking for fitness tracking this is a great watch. Garmin’s watches fantastic if that’s what you’re focused on. Jumping into some of the customer reviews for this watch the google reviews were mainly positive 4.5 stars from 514 reviewers most of the complaints are about inaccurate tracking for the heart rate GPS or sleep this is pretty common with all smartwatches so they’re not medical devices really depends on how you wear the watch and what position that’s sitting on your wrist as to how accurate your tracking is going to be. It’s not a medical device it’s gonna give you a good estimate for your heart rate for your sleep but you can’t rely on it it’s not a medical grade. I haven’t found a SmartWatch yet that is so this particular watch is no different accuracy it’s not 100% keep that in mind some of the people were complaining about that in the google reviews some users also complained that the screen was not bright enough during the daylight and others found the watch difficult to work out how to use all the features.

The majority of reviews were positive there were a few one-star and three-star reviews but most people had really good things to say about this watch battery life was another complaint that customers had a lot of people wanted to point out that the battery life advertised by Garmin it’s not the same as their real battery life you’re gonna get. We mentioned this already charging the watch every eight days that’s just not realistic it’s gonna be every 2 to 3 days may be up to four days it depends how you use the device To summarise most of the customer and web reviews for this watch are pretty positive being made by a reputable company that has lots of experience in the SmartWatch space. The Garmin Vivoactive 4 is a more refined and feature-rich product than its predecessors. It’s cheaper than the high-end Garmin watches and cheaper than a Samsung or an Apple watch. 

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So this concludes the topic for Garmin Vivoactive 4 Smart Watch. That’s about it for me, I forgot to tell you something, If you’re enjoying this article, please make sure to share the article. If you have any questions, comment down below, and I’ll try my best to answer them.

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