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360Hz Asus Gaming Monitor – Review 2021

Topic:- 360Hz Asus Gaming Monitor – Review 2021

Size 24.5”  Resolution 1920×1080  Max Refresh Rate 360 Hz Panel Type IPS 

Response Time 1ms  Max Brightness 400 nits  Variable Refresh Rate  G-SYNC

Welcome back to TechHypes, in this article, we’re going to review the ROG swift PG259QN, gaming monitor. Is it worth the USD 700? Let’s find out. 

Whopping 360 Hz refresh rate, targeted at hardcore FPS or Esports gamers, it is 24.5 inches IPS with a 1 ms response time. it comes with a very solid build design to accommodate the large heat sink that’s inside the monitor, a great option even though, it may not be aesthetically pleasing to some, it is important because it can get really hot when you start to cramp up your FPS.

You can swivel the monitor from left to right up and down and turn it into a vertical position, these movements which feel very steady are great, on for IOES 2, USB 3.0, HDMI, 2.0 a headphone jack and a 1.4 display port.

360Hz Asus Gaming Monitor - Review 2021


You will want to use this display port 1.4 to get the full 360hz performance, out of your games overall the PG259QN gives us the impression which says, I am expensive but I am worth it, so what’s new about this monitor, the previous model the Rog Swift 240hz PG-258Q hereby referred to as the 240-monitor, had similar specs but it was a TN panel, it was mainly focused on gaming but because of its poor colour situation.

You may not want to use it, for your Photoshop or colour correction to elaborate on that I have quite a couple of customers who had the predecessor to this, the PG25AQ by the 240 hertz personally, as someone who uses a wide range of monitors both at work as well as at home what I can feedback based on the predecessor was that because it was using a TN panel for what it does, it’s very good.

It’s an awesome gaming monitor highest refresher at that time but if you compare it next to like a typical IPS monitor now, the colours were very lacking and you could play it certainly very well but you wouldn’t want to do any professional design work on it.

360Hz Asus Gaming Monitor – Review 2021

360Hz Asus Gaming Monitor - Review 2021

You can still do your work such as Photoshop or premiere pro and when you are sick of doing your work you can fire up your favourite game such as call of duty modern warfare, this one is no compromising gaming, it’s also not made in everything else but the main question is do you need 360hz because most games do not pump out such frames even though you may have something like a 5900 x and a tough rtx 3080.

The monitor setting is very good very well designed, the bezel, I love the bezel not too, not too to the edge and not too thick, this monitor’s a beast cool.

On the final note, we recommend this monitor to the general audience general gamer I would recommend this monitor to those people who are looking for an edge in Esports, playing games as well, if you need the edge definitely, I recommend this monitor, I will recommend this to the enthusiast as well as the, of course, Asus fans.

This is a very good monitor so it’s either you go big or go home, so get this monitor if you are that kind of person needing that competitive edge. 

If you have any question related to these products then leave comments below.

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