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BenQ Best Console Gaming Monitor Review 2021

Topic: – BenQ Best Console Gaming Monitor Review 2021

This is the BenQ EX2780Q; this monitor was in the list of top five IPS gaming monitor in 2020 when it comes to modern technology, I look for a simple design that packs a whole lot of feature and technology.

The BenQ EX2780Q has it all, this gaming monitor is a 27-inch 2k display, 144 refresh rate, IPS panel with Free-Sync HDR technology and building to out speaker and five-watt subwoofer, right out of the box, you get to see BenQ EX2780Q monitor.

BenQ Best Console Gaming Monitor Review 2021

  • Attractive design
  • 144 refresh rate
  • HDR compatibility
  • FreeSync

  • Fixed stand
  • Limited ergonomics

The monitor stand packs a few things like cable management, the IPS monitor has no washed-out colour when viewing off-angle. The monitor does come with the massive Baltic if those who are interested to mount it on the stand or against the wall.

On the back right-hand side of the monitor, there’s also manual control settings for the feature, the speaker for this monitor from Tripoli, the design of the speaker is at the front and back of the monitor, I have to say overall, this is the best built-in speaker for the monitor.

BenQ Best Console Gaming Monitor Review 2021

Sounds amazing and a deal-breaker because as a gamer you don’t have to force to buy another speaker or maybe your desk doesn’t have enough space to put another speaker, also it has a super convenient volume control wheel at the bottom left of the monitor.

If you’re a person who does more than gaming, such as editing videos, this panel comes with a colour gamut of 95% DCI-P3, this means the colour coming out from this gaming monitor is very accurate, one of the features that BenQ puts in the B.I+ brightness intelligent, this feature helps iris train when gaming for long hours, basically means that monitor will match the colour of the surrounding environment.

But it still maintained the colour saturation to keep the colour accuracy and quality, just like how your phone has a dark mode when using it doing nighttime, another feature the HDR eye feature shows the bright area and shadowy area more details and this allows gamers to see more in games and detail in the dark and a brighter area with this HDRI technology.

BenQ Best Console Gaming Monitor Review 2021

The HDRI technology and the B.I+ complements each other very well but gaming and this is something, I very impressed with the BenQ and not to mention the BenQ EX2780Q does comes with the black equalizer and the colour vibrance feature built into this model.

This BenQ EX2780Q at with all these feature competitive gaming setting available, the day to day settings for casual usage, the awesome building speaker, this is the most versatile monitor that I have as of now.

I used to watch Netflix, I am watching with HDRI together with VI plus, sometimes gaming for a few hours wouldn’t screen my eyes mark, my words. The BenQ EX2780Q is the best IPS gaming monitor in the market as of today.

Hope you guys like my article and this concludes the topic for BenQ Best Console Gaming Monitor Review 2021.

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