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How much ram for gaming in 2021

Topic: – How much ram for gaming in 2021

The question mostly gamers ask while building a gaming pc is how much ram we need for Triple-A titles? These questions have been answered much time.
Yet somehow question still stand. And it will stand forever because there is no clear answer to it.

The gaming pc requirements for Triple-A titles are not defined well. If we look at the minimum requirements for triple-A titles games. You’ll see that an 8 GB ram is enough. And for the newest games, 16GB is recommended.

You will see that more ram seem to be required as new games are launched. But we are lucky that PC components are much affordable now as they used to be higher if we look at 5-6 years back.

How much ram for gaming in 2021

You have seen that modern AAA games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War require 8GB of ram for minimum settings. But do we require 16GB of ram for Triple-A titles or is it just a marketing strategy for the big corporate company so that they can take out every dollar in our pocket?

One important point that we should keep in mind while determining a game’s performance on a certain amount of ram.

The difference between shutters and lag in the game.

Shutter: – is not a stable case of low FPS but sometimes and unexpected hitches and disruption in the frame time and frame rate.

At some point, your game going smoothly at 60 FPS and then suddenly the game jerks and FPS drop to low like 20-30 and then goes up 60 frames per second again.

These phenomenon or slowdowns are called shutters and that is not caused by low ram in your system. This is the situation when you have to upgrade your ram rather than anything else.

Lag: – on the other hand lag is mainly the constant low FPS performance in your games but when a game lags it gives a complete feeling of slowness and you get frustrated.

Increasing a certain amount of ram will not improve your gaming performance. Even If you put 64GB of ram in your gaming pc.

If you want to solve your lag issue than better a graphic card and CPU (if you are facing a bottleneck) will solve it.

But if you are finding yourself incessantly flying around a low frame rate, then defiantly you should upgrade your graphic card.

So how much ram for gaming needs to play modern AAA games?

8GB of ram

So let’s start with 8GB of ram. These days most games have been listed as 8GB of ram as minimum requirements in the specifications.

8GB of ram is indeed pretty beneficial for gaming. But is it the sweet spot when you are planning to buy a ram in a budget for your next build?

2-3 year ago 8GB of ram considered as somewhat high-speed memory but that is no longer the case these days.

The cause is with the advancement of graphics in the games, higher quality detailed texture, environments and these days most games require more than 8GB of ram at 1080p resolution with medium settings

Some of the modern games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and the Division 2 require more than 12-16 GB of ram simply at 1080p even on normal settings.

The game’s requirements are getting more complicated day by day. And necessarily ram requirements will increase as new titles come out.

As result with 8GB of ram, you will experience sometime shutters and hitches with your modern triple-A titles.

So if you are planning to build a budget gaming pc, then 8GB of ram will full fill your gaming requirements with minimum settings.

16GB of ram

16 GB of ram has become a sweet spot for modern AAA games and if you look back 4 to 5 years, then if someone had 16 GB of ram in their system than, their pc considered a super high-end gaming system.

But that is no longer the case today.

Modern games normally use 10 to 12GB of ram and sometimes as high as 14 to 16 GB of ram.

These days 16GB of ram is an absolute sweet spot to play modern AAA games without any lags.

Ram Speed is also a major factor; RAMs with higher frequencies can gain a lot of performance in your gaming system.

So if you have a 16 GB of 3000 MHz or more then you are at least 2-3 years In the future.

32GB of ram

IF you have 16GB of ram at-present in your system then, usually your pc has been fallen under the high-end genre

But you want to upgrade your 16GB to 32GB then you won’t gain a ton of performance.

Games will still run on the unnoticeable performance.

But 32GB beneficial, if you want to do multitasking like 3d animation, graphic designing, and keep multiple chrome tabs, programs and also do gaming.

If you do both gaming and multitasking then 32 GB of ram will be beneficial for you.

From the genuine gaming point of view, however, we are still finding the answer that we need 32 GB of ram for gaming?

64GB of ram

32 GB of ram will be enough for both gaming and heavy multitasking and 64 GB unnecessary, it will be a waste of money if you do only gaming.

But it will be much better if you invest money in the other parts of the pc build specially in the processor and the graphic card.

Final Conclusion

How much ram we require for gaming in 2021

With 8 GB of ram, you can easily play AAA titles with the minimum setting at 1080p resolution.

But if you want a smooth experience with the latest Triple-A titles then, 16GB of ram will be much better.

IF you do heavy multitasking like 3d animation graphic designing, video editing then 32 GB of ram can be beneficial for your hassle-free experience.

More than 32 GB of ram can be useless and a waste of money for your gaming pc.

So this concludes the topic of How much ram for gaming in 2021

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