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Gaming Mouse at Amazon – HP Pavilion Gaming Mouse 200 Review

Topic: – Gaming Mouse at Amazon – HP Pavilion Gaming Mouse 200 Review

In today’s blog, we will be taking a look at the gaming mouse from HP. This is the HP Pavilion Gaming Mouse 200, this is again another budget offering from HP recommended as the first gaming mouse Aimed towards beginner amateur PC Gamers.

Gaming Mouse at Amazon - HP Pavilion Gaming Mouse 200 Review

So let’s check it out it comes in a nice small compact box with a nice design. I like having the box so if I no longer need or have use for the item, I can always sell it or gift it on to someone else, as usual, the box contents include, the Gaming Mouse instruction leaflets and warranty information.

This is an entry-level gaming mouse and just like the previous HP Pavilion Gaming Mouse there is no additional software or drivers available or needed to set this mouse up just plug in and play and windows will automatically detect it.

The mouse features a 3200 dpi pix art optical gaming sensor RGB lighting and the appearance is completely black with a funky angular economic design, there is a small patch on both sides of the mouse embossed with tiny little triangles to provide some grip.

The DPI and lighting effects can be changed on the fly with the on mouse buttons and have lighting on the HP logo which is on the palm rest and along the bottom back edge of the mouse as well.

On the scroll wheel when setting the DPI, using the DPI button the scroll wheel activity light will quickly change colour to reflect the current dpi that it is set, to this can be changed from the green default setting of 1200 dpi purple 1600 dpi, white 2000 dpi and red 3200 dpi by pressing the lighting effect button.

You can switch between the different lighting effects from colour wave, which weaves through all four colours in a loop, which is the default full-colour spectrum which is my favourite Then steady in a choice of four colours then pulsing in a choice of four colours and then you have rotating in green in which the lighting travels from the bottom edge to the HP logo then the scroll wheel and back again in rotation and finally completely off with no lighting effects.

The mouse is designed for right-handed use and weighs around 114g which feels very light and this can be an advantage for you if you are an eSports gamer however the plastic material does feel very plasticky.

The mouse itself feels hollow a little strange almost feels like a toy it does not feel premium But this was kind of what I expected at this price point. This in no way has any impact on its performance and it does exactly what it is supposed to do.

The mouse is comfortable to hold and use all of the buttons are easily accessible at your fingertips without much force needed to activate them. The scroll wheel is very smooth to use and to does not require much force either to trigger.

The buttons feel pretty good pressing them and the click sounds are relatively quiet but audible the two extra buttons, on the left side of the mouse are customizable by default the top one is set to forward button and the bottom one is set to backward button.

Gaming Mouse at Amazon - HP Pavilion Gaming Mouse 200 Review

All five buttons on the mouse the two side buttons, left-click, right-click and the scroll wheel can be customized via the in-game settings only meaning, this is game dependent if the game allows button customization Then it is possible to change the buttons to what you like.

If the game you are playing does not allow button customization then you are unable to change any settings. HP has not provided any software for this mouse to perform any customization.

Sticking with the HP Pavilion gaming theme it has a green cable cord if you are interested to know what the cable cord feels like? It feels like the same type of cable that you get with your mobile phone charger cable like that of an iPhone.

Lightning cable or a standard USB cable so, therefore, you can expect the same type of wear and tear that you get with those types of cables this is something to bear in mind for the expected longevity of this device.

Especially if you are planning on using this as your main gaming mouse with everyday use. Due to the PicsArt optical gaming sensor, I have had no issues using it on different tabletop surfaces Pinewood, Beach and line patterned dining table cloth with no mouse pad and was functioning perfectly, So you don’t have to use a mouse pad.

The mouse does have excellent travel on a mouse pad and feels really fast and smooth, especially using it on this slightly oversized HP Pavilion gaming mouse pad 300, which is slightly larger than your standard mouse pads with a surface area of 400mm X 350mm and 2mm thick.

The surface is made of anti-free cloth and has a non-slip natural rubber base for stability to prevent the cloth from bunching up and when you’re not using it, it can easily be rolled up there is plenty of space for large sudden movements, and would be great for games where you would require a constant rapid mouse movement.

Even if you are using it on the lowest dpi. This mouse and pad make a great combo and would recommend purchasing these two together, the HP Pavilion gaming mouse 200 would make a great first gaming mouse or eSports mouse, due to its lightweight and good levels of dpi.

The RGB lighting effects have some customization though, limited is pretty cool and a lot more vibrant in person. I personally would not pay more than $30 or pounds for this mouse, if you can get it for around $25 or less then that’s a deal.

There are plenty of bundled deals out there so make sure you shop around if you can get this mouse with the mouse pad and the gaming headset for a good price then. I would recommend you going for that as that would be the best bang for your buck.

So this concludes the topic for Gaming Mouse at Amazon – HP Pavilion Gaming Mouse 200 Review and If you found it informative then you may ask anything or have any questions please leave it in the comments.


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