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DUNU DK-2001 Review | Hi-Res Dynamic Hybrid HiFi Headphones


DUNU DK-2001 Review: Hey, what is up? Dunu and their expensive hybrid earphones! Today I’ve got the youngest model in the family which name, DUNU DK-2001 Review, already tells us that it must bow to 3001 pro and 4001. Spoiler alert – yes, it bows indeed! But what exactly does the manufacturer give us for 300 bucks? 

The earphones come with a glamorous synthetic leather case and a decent set of ear tips, unfortunately without bi-flange, nice brand memory foam or spin fits. You can connect to the player using a twisted cable made of silver-plated copper wires. At one end it has MMCX, and the other one is a proprietary Quick-Switch connector. In the kit there’s only one headphone jack for 3.5mm, all other plugs must be bought separately if needed and such units cost around20 bucks each, which is quite pricy. Unless you remember, I can tell you that this kit is way less hefty than the one we saw in top or pre-top models.

Maybe this is the reason for such a lower cost?! Not long ago, Dunu had a big problem with ergonomics, but then they mended this in 4001 model! 3001 Pro was made with almost the same body, and 2001 is different only by the faceplates – the shape of the earphones remained the same. On the one hand, it’s a boring decision, but on the other – they fit perfectly in the ears. I like such stability, but for those who want more fun in design, DUNU DK-2001 Review offers orange and green color options. The body, by the way, is made of stainless steel.

Noise isolation is not perfect as the headphones do not fill the entire space in your ears. For regular rides in the subway, I would still use some memory foam tips. Actually, the length of the nozzle allows you to attach almost anything here and it will hold tightly. Seems like the shortest talk about the build. Let’s jump into the sound now! Low frequencies in these earphones are pretty sharp, which means the 13-mm diaphragm in the speaker moves quickly.

The good news is that it has no faith in the religion of the pumped-up bass and therefore live music sometimes can be a bit dry, as well as heavy genres. The full power of the speaker you can feel on electronics, however, it doesn’t hide everything else in the sound flow, even where the bass is clearly emphasized. I also can’t say that deep bass is hard to catch but in most cases, the mid frequencies usually can be heard clearly only partially. Lovers of natural sounds will obviously be dissatisfied with the fast bass because here the lows sound more like in balanced armature earphones than in a dynamic one.

Although the bass is without that outstanding texture that grabs you from the first seconds of the melody, you will hear no dull humming, so even with such a bass, it is still possible to feel details well. Mids are partially played by the same speaker. Somewhere at high mids, the armature driver confidently steps in front, and this is felt primarily due to rather sharp high mids. Exactly this doesn’t allow us to call the headphones utterly comfortable. At high volume, under a specific track, it becomes a hell of a biting.

If to be blind on purpose regarding this, the mids sound detailed and complete. The fact that the duties inside of these earbuds are separated doesn’t break the sound flow at all. It is quite tough and merciless, which makes the headphones remarkably detailed – actually, it’s exactly what a newborn audiophile needs, isn’t it? Highs have an average length on the frequency response that is, without an abrupt cut at 12 kHz, but it doesn’t make bats go bananas.

There are no excessively bold steps that could’ve changed the concepts, like depicting details by the sharp high frequencies just to distract you from more important things. Highs are truly well set, clean, neat and not rock-solid. If you are looking for disgracefully dry headphones- these are definitely not yours. Sibiants can play on the nerves of sensitive music lovers, but the total picture thanks to adequate highs look completed. In general, the earphones have a wonderful soundstage and play tasty.

Their sound, on the one hand, is very typical for DUNU headphones, but at the same time, DUNU DK-2001 Review is noticeably different from all its family members. They are more musical and lively, while the 3001 Pro model is more strict. As for the 3001 NOT Pro, they are noticeably punchier, with ruthless highs, but in terms of mid frequencies, 2001 reminded me exactly of them. So what shall we suggest?!

As for the sources, the earbuds do not need anything supernatural, neither a super-quiet amplifier. For instance, DX150 with the stock amp was giving no humming. Music-wise, you can listen to almost any genres. The only drill, please be more selective about tracks with synthetic bass. Try experimenting on a pretty cool Ukrainian band the Hardkiss, and you’ll get what I mean specifically, as with DK 2001 not each of their tracks sounds perfect. With live music, there are much fewer problems, or frankly speaking – no problems at all. Summarizing the stuff!

If for some reason you still haven’t got 3001 Pro or just are not fancy spending a lot of money on headphones, DUNU DK-2001 Review probably is the right thing to choose! Unlike the older brother that plays strictly like the handbook says, these earphones are more fun and engaging, although I must admit they pay less attention to nerdy details comparing with 3001 Pro. Well, and once again, DUNU INDEED saved the money mainly on the bundle, as the sound turned out to be more interesting than what we expected for the money they ask.

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