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Insta360 Go2 Camera Review | Best Video Camera

Insta360 GO 2

  • Very small
  • Takes good photos and videos for size
  • Charging case doubles as remote
  • Gets hot in use
  • Shorter battery life than other action cameras


Insta360 Go2 Camera Review | Best Video Camera 2022

Insta360 Go2 Camera:– Look at all this room for activities. You want a lot of room. If you’re gonna use an action camera, cause you’re going to do lots of activities wearing it. Hey, guys today we’re looking at the Insta360 Go2 Camera, my go-to camera for doing basically anything. Just kidding, I’ve never encountered it before. It’s an unboxing, that’s kind of the whole concept of this whole channel. Why did you make me say that Jonah? So as you can see, one of them has already been unboxed it’s on my chest like Tony Stark. I’m gonna be recording the whole thing with this camera on my chest. In case you were wondering, how is it levitating there? I don’t know. I haven’t unboxed it yet. Okay, Insta360 Go2 Camera. These guys have been making action cameras for a long time. They were primarily known for making 360-degree action cameras.

Thus the name Insta360 Go2 Camera. However, this one it’s more focused on one point of view, one direction you might say instead of two. So it’s still got that wide-angle that you want in an action camera as far as I know but it’s super light, it’s like the size of your thumb if you’ve got a big old thumb, mine’s not so big. So you can take it anywhere. Apparently, you can mount it places. You can stick it on under, upside down, inside out, all the way through, and under. (making a light noise) Okay. So yeah, it is super tiny. I mean, like, I don remember encountering other action cameras that are this small of a form factor. I mean most of the time when companies are making action cameras it’s kind of like that GoProlike square style form factor. But this is like, it’s really tiny. And the big feature as you can see is this magnet that allows you to attach it to the necklace that I’m wearing right now. I have one of these under my clothes docking completely. So, we got up to 1440P and 50 FPS. Interesting. Is this like a UK standard I guess? that’s not bad for an action camera.

It’s not 4k but like 1440 P is plenty sharp as PC gamers will know. Mount anywhere as I talked about the magnetic mount. Hands-free, flow state stabilization so I don’t know what that is, but I’m assuming that it’s some sort of footage stabilization which is always welcome. Waterproof, nice that’s good to see. Auto editing, now I did see something about this. Apparently, there’s like AI in the phone app, is that right? That will like edit footage for you and kind of like make it into like a slideshow with music and stuff, not slideshow but like will edit clips to music and whatnot. Hyperlapse, which I love. That’s that whole thing where it’s like a time-lapse, but you’re moving. I have to test that Jonah. Slow-motion, gonna have to do that Part remote control, you know I love remotes and Wi-Fi preview. So I guess you can see the preview of what’s going on on the phone. Speaking of which, we have an iPhone here that we’re gonna use for the app because the app currently is only available on iOS. But the same day this thing releases apparently is the same day that the Android version is gonna come out as well.

So iOS and Android, whatever floats your boat. So we’ve got the instructions here, the button instructions single press, double press, press for one second. There are all sorts of instructions that I will pay attention to when I need them. We got some paperwork work. What is this? Whoa, is this a big AirPods case? They give you an extra case just to hold your AirPods. Whoa, what is this? Look at this. It looks like that robot from Wally, his friend (imitating the robot’s voice) I’m guessing this is the mount, tripod. And then you take the camera and you stick it in. Boom. How easy was that? Click to start Oh, interesting. So it’s not just a stand, it’s also got integrated controls. USB-C for charging. What is that thing? Oh, it’s a screw mount. So you can mount that to things. I don’t know what that is, but I like the sound it makes. Oh, is it charging?

Is this a battery too? Yo, that’s cool(laughing). Case firmware updating. This thing’s like a less high-tech clip mount, I guess. So like if there was some sort of if there was like a flat edge, you could slide that on. I don’t have anything to… So then boom. And now you’re vlogging, dude. Okay, last things in the box we have a USB-A to USB-C cord and oh okay, one more mount. Man, they give you so many options here. Pivot stand, there are instructions. There’s a secret code I found a clue. Clean the pivot stand with water and dry it before re-using. Oh, we have to go to Washington DC. Okay. So this is a sticky thing. Say what, it’s connected. So I just like stopped recording. And this has saving now. You still control it even when it’s not connected. It’s got a wireless connection. That’s cool. It’s remote. It’s a stand and a remote and an AirPods case. You could probably fit your AirPods in there. Do you have your AirPods here? Once again, you got three different options for mounting your camera. Like this could be on the side of a helmet or a car or a hidden camera if you want to pull a funny, funny prank, YouTube.

Okay, one thing I noticed while I was thinking around here was that there are multiple different modes available cause if you press this button here, it cycles through, you’re on video there’s photo mode and then pro video. If you want to have more control of your edit shoot in pro-video mode. Pro video mode allows you to adjust your field of view and aspect ratio in post. It also unlocks horizon lock stabilization. So we’ve got video, pro video mode. Oh, we already talked about that. Timeshift, which is like Hyperlapse. I think that’s the one I’m gonna use. And then we also have time-lapse which is like a regular time-lapse, HDR video, I guess. I didn’t know that was here also. And slow-mo and settings. All right. That’s enough. I wanna try this thing out. I wanna go running around and see. It’s an action camera. We gotta do some action. We gotta be active. So I’m gonna do a Hyperlapse because I’m a hyper kinda guy, all right. Hyperlapse! Oh goodness! (shouting in excitement) Yeah, Hyperlapse! Oh, my goodness, oh! It’s a Hyperlapse! oh! It’s a Hyperlapse! (breathing heavily) Oh! I’m out of shape.

Okay, I wanna see that clip I just recorded. It’s better to be good. Whoa, that’s so(laughing) I didn’t know it was gonna be that fast. Make some fun videos and show them to your family at Christmas. Nice, the Last one I’m gonna try is the 1080P, 120 slow motion. (shouting in excitement) Oh, don’t. No one likes to see it. Oh no! Oh, I’m scaring myself. If you scare yourself that’s always a good recommendation for something, right. If you see yourself from a different angle if a product makes you think about what it means to be human, that’s something special. So overall I’m pretty impressed with this thing. I mean, I like how tiny it is. I like how versatile it is. And like the ability to kind of magnetically just swap between different mounts that you might be used for different situations. Insta360 Go2 Camera says that this, as opposed to more kind of sports-oriented like intense hardcore action cameras this one more for kind of the lifestyle people. It’s a less crazy in-your-face option for someone who’s like I wanna record some stuff about my regular life. I wanna go on a little trip with my family and I’m just gonna stick it on my chest.

And I don’t have to worry about having a helmet with the actual mount, like sticking out there. And I kinda liked that as far as action cams go it’s a pretty nice also case that looks like an AirPods case. We never tested whether your AirPods fit in it. Give me your AirPods, Andy. Oh! Doubles as an AirPods case. Yes! It’s not gonna charge them but you’ll have someplace to put them. All right guys.

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