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AMD A6 – 9500 – Quick Review 2021

Topic: – AMD A6 – 9500 – Quick Review 2021

In this blog, I am going to a quick review about AMD A6-9500, (AMD A6 – 9500 – Quick Review 2021) this is the cheapest AMD processor socket AM4, you can find in the market, so it’s the beginning of the A-series, the name of the processor is Bristol Ridge, now the processor is good for some things worse for other things but let me share with you some specifications and performance some frame rates about this AMD.


Let me tell you a few specifications about this processor, it has two cores with 3.5 GHz of speed, it came to it with an unlocked multiplier, make it easy to overclock allow you to gain increased performance in games and other applications.

It has a turbo clock speed of 3.8GHz and the thermal design power which is the maximum amount of power, the cooling system need is 65 watts, the mi conductor size is 28 nano millimetres.

The smaller these mi conductor the better performance and reduced power consumption will the chip the chipset have it supports 64-bit, allows more than 4 gigabytes of RAM using giving increase performance, It also allows to run 64-bit applications.


let’s talk about performance, this processor has an integrated graphics card which is Radeon R5 series, the graphic power unit clock speed is 1029, the speed is 2400 and the maximum memory bandwidth is 38.4 gigabyte per second, this means when the CPU is running below its limitations, it can boost to a higher clock speed in order to give increased performance.

It has two memory channels increases, the speed of data transfer between the memory and CPU Pass mark result is 3187, I will give you two examples of games first one is on Fortnite, Playing on Fortnite with this CPU you get 40 frames per second max and this is on low quality.

The low-resolution 720p, the resolution so yes you can play it but again it’s not the best that you can get this is the cheapest on the market, so you have to lower your expectation about this processor.

The next game is the Bioshock Infinity, it’s surprising to get 45 frames per second again on low settings but you can still play the game and it’s not that terrible when you play it from time to time you will get a lag of course.


Why did I choose this processor in 2021? because first of all it’s the cheapest processor in the market second of all there are a lot of processors that will be reviewed here on my website, the next blog about AMD or Intel processors will be reviewing more details more performance, more specifications and again more game frames per second.

So stay tuned thank you for your time for this quick review and this concludes the topic for AMD A6 – 9500 – Quick Review 2021. See you on the next blog.

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