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4K Gaming Laptop – Razer Blade Pro 17 – 2021 – Review

Topic: – 4K Gaming Laptop – Razer Blade Pro 17 – 2021 – Review

In this blog, we are going to talk about the 4K Gaming Laptop – Razer Blade Pro 17 – 2021 – Review. Now, this is a Pre-Production Unit the Razor sent over. So a big shout out to them for that. Can’t wait to tell you more about this. So let’s not waste any more time and jump in.

So this is the Razor Blade Pro 17. It looks like any other Razor Blade. One of the key features you find with a Razor laptop is the Razor logo right in front of you. Nice, clean and simple. Design-wise it hasn’t really changed much from what you had last year.

4K Gaming Laptop - Razer Blade Pro 17 - 2021 - Review

A little bit slimmer, trimmers, little things like that all around. And, what I can see here it still looks and feels very familiar. From even my Razor Blade Pro 17 from years ago. You’ve got your speakers on the side here that should give you some nice stereo sound.

You’ve got a nice keyboard layout here with of course chroma keys you’d expect from Razor and a very cool touchpad. But in this case, I’m using my Cyberpunk 2077 mouse here from Razor, which does the job quite well.

The display is 17.3 inches to be exact, but this display packs in some new awesome features. Now, you can get a 10 ADP, 360 Hertz display, I mean, can you imagine that. I don’t have that here because again this is pre-production, but you can go from either 120 Hertz to 360 Hertz.

Now, your 10 ADP display will be 360 Hertz, your quad HD display will be 165 Hertz, and your 4K display will be 120 Hertz, which is just a ton of performance I can’t what you try out. Now, besides all that you’ve got a plethora of pro ports.

Multiple Ports

4K Gaming Laptop - Razer Blade Pro 17 - 2021 - Review

Now, pro users are really happy with this laptop. Even if you’re gaming or editing, you’ve got three USB, 3.2 ports type A, for all the connections you need. Two type C ports, one is Thunderbolt, and that extra port also does charging via USB type C, which is great. So you don’t have to lug around that charge with you all the time.

You’ve also got a full SD card slot, for pro users. And Apple’s probably come back with that too. And even at port 2.5-gigabit port. So you’ve got all that plus wifi six E, not wifi six E, basically, 60 gigahertz bandwidth support, which is the screen.

Now you’re going to, what’s underneath the hood? Well, for the games you’re going to be playing, and the kind of performance you’re looking for, especially if you’re, you know, gaming continuously you play games like call of duty war zone, Pubg, Doom eternal, or even CS Go.

This packs in a lot of performance for you to do all the gaming that you need. So you’ve got the 10th gen, eight-core Intel quiet seven. This is the 10, eight, seven five H, which gives you some really solid performance. Plus that’s paired with either 16 to 32 gigabytes of Ram. And you can go from 512 gigabytes of storage to one terabyte MBME, but in true rays of fashion you can open this up and you can put it in your own storage with an extra MVME slot, which is absolutely fantastic.

And in terms of weight, it really is not that heavy. It only comes in at six pounds. So this is a comfortable laptop to game with quite a bit. And when you’re playing those games, when you’re sitting down, and you jump into a war zone and you get into that match, it’s really comfortable to use this especially with your mouse and just sit down and game. I think a lot of people will absolutely love that.

Amazing Gaming Performance

And we checked out a couple of games on the system. As I mentioned, it packs in a lot of performance. The first game of course is Call of Duty War zone, the game I like to play. On laptops usually, I get about 60 frames per second.

War zone is one of those games that is poorly optimized. But, what I found with this laptop running a 3070, and by the way, you can either get it with a 3060, 3070 or 3080, is that I was getting roughly between 75 to about 90 frames per second, war zone at the highest settings and also gaming ads.

The display currently is at 1440. So that was actually pretty cool to see, see that war zone actually ran really well. All right guys, the very next game I got to check out on this system, is CS Go. CS Go did a tremendous job here. I mean, totally 84 frames per second. I mean, this is really nice to see a gaming laptop on the Razor Blade 17 pros, again` packed with a 30, 70 RTX. It’s truly impressive brains between 260 to 284 frames.

I know it’s an older game but, I am excited to see this kind of frame rates. When we move over to game-like, Doom eternal, we’re able to push the boundaries quite well. Got closer to 200, our frames per second, running at 1080p, which was really nice to see.

Now, the true test for me was of course playing, Cyberpunk 2077. We know how graphic-intensive this game is. We know how it runs in systems. And I can tell you at its highest settings, running at 10 ADP, where able to get about 57 frames per second, it ran really, really well.

And, this is quite impressive. Especially for something that is a pre-production unit. I was glad to see some really good performance from all the games I mentioned. I think a lot of gamers will like that once it’s optimized and ready to buy and all that fun stuff, you’re going to get some really good performance from this laptop.

Now, one thing I do say, I do like is actually dissipation. Now, when you, I was playing war zone, my GPU temperatures were about 75 degrees. And when actually went ahead and of course measured temps on the system, the highest I got to 102, which basically is the same as this device gets, my galaxy devices usually do 102 degrees anyway, or even 104, or higher.

And my display was roughly around 90 to 89 degrees. So this actually stayed really warm and cooled very well. The new cooling system on this gets a plus for me. I know it’s not finalized but, I am liking what I see with a Razor Blade pro 17 2021.

I think a lot of people like it. I think these are the kind of cool things that gamers will truly appreciate.  And hopefully guys, please make some of these changes ’cause, we’re all at home. Someone’s probably picking this up so they can play the game and do work at the same time.

So hopefully we can make those changes, but, they have it. That is the Razer blade 17 pro; Razor blade pro 17 actually is the right wording, and If you have any questions, any comments, let me know.


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