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Samsung T7 Portable SSD | USB 3.2 External Solid State Drive


Hi Guys, In this article, we will discuss the external Hard Disk It’s the Samsung T7 Portable SSD(USB 3.2 External Solid State Drive ). Its the successor of the previous Samsung T5 SSD. Today we will do a detailed review and find out who all should buy this. What all speeds are available, what all tasks can be done and all the detailed A-Z Review would be done. For all those who haven’t used the external SSD. Before I would like to tell you about its advantages.

Its advantages are: It’s very fast as compared to HDD It’s very compact and small, there is no noise, as there are no mechanical parts in it. Due to the absence of mechanical parts, there are fewer chances of breakage, which ensures the long life of the product. So overall an SSD is better as compared to HDD. Let’s start we will go to its detailed review, So I am having the variant, Samsung T7 Portable SSD 500 GB Variant. All the details related to its performance is mentioned in one corner of the box. All the box contents are mentioned here, Its Made in Korea So let’s start and find out what is there. There are 2 boxes, one with the wires and the other with the SSD. My box was received by me in a very damaged condition but thankfully the SSD is safe. It’s very compact, the branding is given on the top Samsung portable SSD has written on its back.

Here you can see Type C Port and Status Indicator, It’s very slim and it’s very compact. Let’s open up the second box, There are 2 wires, the first cable is of Type C to Type C, it’s of good quality, and it has a decent length. The next cable is of Type C to USB 3.0, it’s having good quality. And here is the Product Guide, Devices compatible with this SSD are Windows Mac, Linux, and Gaming Consoles Mobile phones have a hit and a missing case because it’s working only on selected mobile phones. So it was working on a phone, and it was not working on another phone. You get a Limited 3 Year Warranty, Before I go onto the detailed review, if you like this article, then you can purchase from the Buy Now Button. This would help me in making detailed unbiased articles, Its size is compact, with 8mm thickness It’s up to the size of the credit card, You can put this in the wallet and pockets Weight is 58g so you can carry it easily.

I haven’t seen such a compact external SSD before You get a premium quality product It has a nice build, looks good and cables are also of premium quality. You get an 18″ cable, which is comparatively good from the external SSDs. Talking about its functionality, as soon as you connect it, the blue light starts blinking, You also get Samsung software, by which you can password protect your SSD, encrypt it, You get AES 256 Bit Hardware encryption. You also get firmware upgrades as soon as I connected it with the laptop, I got its Firmware update.

Talking about its Read Write Speed with Type C, so it supports USB 3.2 Gen 2(10 Gbps). So the speeds in the Write were 730 Mbps and in reading were 832 Mbps, which is very good for an external SSD. I was getting the same result on continuous testing After using it for an hour, I was getting the same speeds. Talking about the transfer tests, I tried to copy-paste the 4.37 Gb mp4 file and it was copied under 12s Then there was the Final Cut Pro Project which was around 25.67Gb. I copy-pasted it and it took the time of under 53s So there are good transfer speeds. There is a point to be noted, that if you want good transfer speeds Your laptop and PC must have a good storage device (NVMe). Because this is an NVMe storage and it’s not SATA Samsung T5 was SATA and T7 is NVMe.

If your laptop is NVMe then only you can utilize it up to its potential If it’s not, then you will get good read speeds, but not in transfers. I have compared its speed with the internal hard disk speed of the MacBook. The speeds were having a bit of difference The internal Read-Write Speeds were good, but the speeds came close to the internal speeds of MacBook, its an accomplishment. Since I am using the best laptop with the best SSD so it’s fantastic that it has reached here. When I have connected it with the PC which has a USB 3.0 where there is no Type C. The speeds were 468 Mbps read and 452 Mbps write You will get slow speeds if you will connect it with USB 3.0. Now I have compared the Internal SSD Speeds on the USB 3.0 port and on the External SSD on Type C You can see their graphs on the screen.

samsung t7 portable ssd


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So one thing is ensured that the Type C connectivity performs well. If you will use USB 3.0 then you will speed up SATA SSD We have also done video editing on this hard disk. I have included the Final Cut Pro Project here And the length of my project was 11 min 44 sec The export time on this Hard Disk was 2 min 18s When I exported it on Mac, the time was 2min 15s. So there has been the same performance in both the cases, So it’s a good thing for travellers if you want to edit videos, you can do it easily. You can do your editing on MacBooks, so you won’t find any major difference in its performance. I have also done gaming in this SSD I have installed the Rocket League game which is 11 Gb.

I was able to play that game for about an hour easily without any lag, I didn’t face any problem with it. Talking about heating, since I have used it extensively for an hour so there has been slight heating that was observed in it. If you are extensively using it, editing the videos, then it gets heated up Since it is compact so it gets heated up. But there are no issues with it getting heated up at dangerous levels. Talking about security you can easily set up passwords with Samsung software If you want to level up, then you can buy its upgraded version: Samsung T7 Touch. You get a fingerprint sensor, so you can get a convenient option where you can just directly connect it and then your hard disk will get unlocked automatically.

If you need more security, if you have sensitive content then you can opt for that version. I didn’t require that version, so I have not taken it There is no difference in the performance. There is just an extra addon where you can unlock with your fingerprint If I talk about its use case. So if you are searching for a portable SSD, where you can export and you can work on it. If you require quick data transfers, you require good security and fast external SSD, so this would be helpful to you. When you should not buy it If you are just using it or storing your data then it is of no use In this case, it would be better if you take the HDD or cloud storage, it would be a more relevant choice. You can find the cloud storage article on another website If you are not having a good hard disk in your system then buying is of no use. You will get slow transfer speeds If you want to utilize its full potential then you must have a laptop with NVMe.

If you have SATA then you can head onto the Samsung T5 version, it would be cheaper than Samsung T7 Portable SSD. I will provide its link at the end of the article. If you need a simple HDD then you can buy the Toshiba HDD I have Toshiba 2TB variants, I am using it for a very long time, and it’s good If you need a simple HDD then this can be the options that you can consider. You will find the link at the end of the article, If I talk about its pricing, it comes into 3 variants: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB I am having the 500GB Variant 500Gb pricing is $79.99, 1 TB is priced at $1499.99 and 2Tb is priced at $295.66 You get color variants: Blue, Red, and Titan Grey I have the Titan Grey Variant.

The capabilities and performance of the Samsung T7 Portable SSD at this price point are very good It’s not very expensive or cheap, it is a good value for money product. If you are searching for an external SSD that is giving Type C connectivity and it is fast in its performance It has a Touch ID version, where I will provide the link at the end of the article. Talking about its Pros: You get good speed, it has a compact size, better security, better life, and a good build quality Talking about its Cons: Its price is on the expensive side compared to a normal HDD or and external SATA SSD It gets warm after using it extensively for an hour It doesn’t support all mobile devices. So whether you should buy it If you have a fast computer, laptop, MacBook and option of Type C Connectivity If you are looking for a fast External SSD for any of your tasks then this can be a good option for you all.

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So this concludes the topic for Samsung T7 Portable SSD. That’s about it for me, I forgot to tell you something, If you’re enjoying this article, please make sure to share the article. If you have any questions, comment down below, and I’ll try my best to answer them.

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