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Best Gaming Router for Xbox One – PS4 -PS5 and PC – 2021

Topic:- Best Gaming Router for Xbox One – PS4 -PS5 and PC – 2021


Welcome back to TechHypes. And in today’s blog, we’re going to be taking a quick look at the Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi 6 Router (Best Gaming Router for Xbox One – PS4 -PS5 and PC – 2021), otherwise known as the XR1000. And I want to go over a few features that I think are pretty useful with this router that I think you guys might appreciate, especially nowadays being gamers and everybody is working at home,

We’ve got a lot of people using devices all at once, and you don’t always have the choice to play wired, so you need a router that’s powerful enough to really give you really good gaming performance throughout the household.

A few things that I want to go over at the beginning of this product review is going to be the fact that this router has WiFi 6 which gives you about four times more capacity compared to previous generations of WiFi, so not only can you have more devices connected, but the connection to the devices should be a lot faster as well.

So if you got multiple people in the house gaming, using the internet, live streaming content, and whatnot, WiFi 6 should give you a little bit more bandwidth so that each device can have a much better-dedicated WiFi connection compared to previous versions of WiFi.

XR1000 Features and Design

Best Gaming Router for Xbox One - PS4 -PS5 and PC - 2021

This router also has features to help with ping reduction up to 93% with all the different technologies that it has. It has a tri-core processor that helps to manage all the antennas that it has. You have 2.4 GHz, as well as 5 GHz WiFi with beamforming as well to give you much more consistent and stronger signals depending on the devices that need it most.

This router also features compatibility with NETGEAR Armour Security and basically, you can game, stream, and do all of your internet things without having to worry about your internet cybersecurity. And last but not the least, this router also features DumaOS 3.0 that is the latest version that is designed to help give you a much better online gaming experience and has been used by pros for the past few years.

Jumping into the design of the router, it’s black with a couple of red accents. It does look pretty subdued like it’s not overly gamey in my opinion, and I think that that’s really nice about it, so you can put it in a living room if you really want to, or you can also stick it in your server room and have it with all the rest of your networking equipment.

You do have four labelled antennas as well, so you would know exactly how to place them on your router to get the best connection as well. And this router features AX5400 WiFi 6, a tri-core processor running at 1.5 GHz, four Gigabit Ethernet ports and one Gigabit Ethernet internet port that you’ll plug in your internet connection too.

And that is going to lead us to the setup process of the router. So, what you’re going to do, ‘re going to use your phone and the camera, scan the QR code that’s at the top of the router and more or less is going to take you to the application that you have to download.

Installing and Using the XR1000

Best Gaming Router for Xbox One - PS4 -PS5 and PC - 2021

The application will then pretty much do all the work for you. Periodically, you do have to go ahead and put in a little bit of information like, you know, what you want your network to be named. If you want to use the guest mode or not, your passwords and all that.

And it’ll take a little bit to set it up because your router is grabbing all of your internet settings and whatnot. And within a few minutes, you’re going to be up and running and ready to game and use your internet again.

Having the latest WiFi technology is going to be really good especially for the new consoles like the new Xbox series X and S, as well as the PS5, and PC as well as all the new releases that we had in terms of PC parts, having more new features from motherboards like upgraded WiFi antennas and even external WiFi cards, as well as obviously gaming laptops now coming with better WiFi compatibility as well.

So, I do think the WiFi 6 isn’t something that you guys should sleep on. Definitely look into it. And the best parts about the gaming performance is that it’s very similar no matter if you’re playing wired or wireless, so you can play across your house, play Call of Duty on your Xbox in your living room, as well as in your bedroom with the router plugged in or wirelessly and you will get very similar and comparable performance, especially when you use the tools from DumaOS 3.0.

So we are now inside of the DumaOS. And basically, I want to tell you guys a few of these tabs, that I thought were the most useful to me personally. I kind of like this one quite a bit, because this is your bandwidth allocation tab, the QoS tab over here, where more or less you can attribute, you know, different amounts of bandwidth to different types of services that you know, you may have someone using online.

Best Gaming Router for Xbox One - PS4 -PS5 and PC - 2021

So, initially, everything will be set to equal. And then if you want, you can go ahead and adjust it so that, let’s say that you want to prioritize gaming. You know the bandwidth allocation is going to be more in favour of gaming, and somebody that, you know, is just browsing the web is not going to be hogging up all that, you know, bandwidth that you need to get, you know, that low ping time’s in-game.

So, this is just one way to kind of change, you know, the allocation. And the importance of certain task while you’re, you know, playing games or whatnot. If this gets a little bit too out of whack, you can always just play with it until you find the perfect mix with all the devices that you have in your household.

Speaking of devices in your household, you can go over to this device manager where it’ll show you all the devices that you either have connected or have active currently on the router. So, you’ll see over here on this offline tab you don’t obviously have a lot of devices, so it’ll show everything that I have that’s offline not currently using data, and then you also have all the active devices on the side so you can kind of see possibly between any of these devices what are actively using, you know, a lot of data that could be hogging up your bandwidth.

Best Gaming Router

This is the geo filter tab where you can more or less set the maximum distance that you want your lobbies in your online games to connect to. So if you’re playing Call of Duty, if you’re playing Valorant or Battlefield, or anything like that, you don’t want to connect to anyone outside of, let’s say, a 625 mi radius, and you want to play against somebody that has less than, let’s say, 80 pings, you can set these parameters.

And what you’ll notice is that you’ll actually start to play against, you know, a lot more similar people which is pretty cool. So, this will optimize your connection and this makes it a little bit easier for your router to kind of cherry-pick who you play against so you can always have the best connection possible and you won’t really experience any lag.

And what this really helps out with is giving you a similar experience playing wireless as opposed to playing wired. So, it’s going to be very similar of course, you know, naturally if you play wired. It’s going to be a better connection.

But, when you play wireless, you don’t want it to be something that you know is noticeable in-game while you’re playing. Right now, you guys are just seeing some gameplay of me playing wireless. And I haven’t really been experiencing any connection issues which are very similar to my wired experience. With this being my first experience using WiFi 6, it is really impressive.

A Strong Gaming Router

You will have a very comparable experience to using a wired connection, especially while gaming and doing very intense things that cause your internet to need a lot of bandwidth all at once and maybe a little bit further away than you typically would have done with your previous router.

The NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi 6 Router is a pretty cool device and I also think that DumaOS 3.0 is definitely worth your time and checking out, especially if you do get this router, you 100% want to take advantage of those additional features.

I hope you guys have a great rest of your day. And this concludes the topic for Best Gaming Router for Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC – 2021. IF you have any question, so please leave comments below.

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