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Amazfit PowerBuds | Wireless Earbuds With Charging Case!

Amazfit PowerBuds | Wireless Earbuds With Charging Case!

  • Enjoyable sound
  • Easy controls
  • Sweat/Dust Resistance
  • Sturdy build
  • Good in-ear seal
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Weak mic input
  • Rather big and bulky
  • Heart rate monitoring is tough to access


Sup! You know, I’m glad to see Amazfit expanding their range of smart products. And they chose the most trendy way for that- true wireless earphones. Today I’ll tell you about their Amazfit PowerBuds- the same TWS, but with strong hints towards the sport. Welcome to Tech-Fellas, mine is Bohdan and let’s tech into it! To begin with, the headphones look extremely unusual, especially by the standards of a modern market when most companies are trying to make them completely buried in your ears.

In contrast, in Amazfit PowerBuds each earpiece has got not only a speaker and a battery, but also a bunch of additional hardware, so it was very difficult to make them compact. The manufacturer of course tried to compensate for this with special hooks that are attached pretty elegantly – by means of magnets. They do keep the fit stiffer, but you still need to put on the headphones carefully, and, goddamnit, at first I was always afraid that this ear hook would unplug and fly away in an unknown direction.

Gladly, during all the time of use, this never happened, but still, that was chilling a bit. In fact, even without these hooks, thanks to the good shape, the headphones fit very securely in ear canals. We avoided experiments with metal-head-shaking as they will surely fall out in this case, but anyway we could walk or run with them easily. It’s funny, cool and not usually that the ear hooks have a special place directly in the case, so if you suddenly feel bad without them, or exactly need to take them off, it won’t be necessary to throw them in the pocket together with your phone, spare cash, lipstick and pliers.

Each earpiece has a pair of microphones. Alas, ANC is absent here, instead we get ENC that will clean the voice from disturbing sounds during conversations and a… Thru Mode. It will increase the noise of a rushing truck for you to stay aware and alive while walking across the street. This thing is undoubtedly cool, BUT unless you increase the volume by more than half. In this case, the music is usually loud enough to turn down most of the noises. But don’t worry, if a helicopter takes off near you, you will surely hear it.

The conversations in the office, the clanking of weights in the gym and not very loud sounds will break through occasionally. Passive noise isolation in Amazfit PowerBuds is typically average and its quality depends on your choice of ear tips. Surprisingly, the stock kit was enough for our spare happiness, although usually, I want to throw away the tips out the box of any TWS. Speaking about microphones, the main one is pretty good here. While having a phone conversation, me and my call partner had no claims to the voice quality in earbuds.

Also, Amazfit included a proximity sensor here. Say hello to more interesting gestures! Thanks to it, pulling the earbuds out of your ear will pause the music. The feature works well, we’ve got no claims too. Unless after a couple of minutes of earbud being outside the ear, the gesture that turns the music on when you plug the earpiece back doesn’t trigger, you need to push the play button again, but I guess – this is how it should work. Also, they… track… your… pulse!

Everything is possible in this mad world. I feel sceptical about this decision, but I’m sure that some people will buy them exactly for that feature! What earbuds show is different from indications of AmazFit T-Rex by a couple of beats per minute. For me, the measurements of a typical fitness tracker are enough, so the numbers from these headphones also seem to be quite true. As for sweat protection, they are certified by IP55 standard. Each earpiece is equipped with a 55 mAh battery.

This capacity is enough for almost 7.5 hours without Thru Mode and 5.5 when it is turned on. The case can charge the pair twice. By the way, 15 minutes supply gives the energy for 3 hours of work. Each plug connects to the phone via BT 5.0and also can work separately. Close the case and while the left earpiece is charging, you use the right one or contrarywise. For some reason, many people really need this. Regarding the connection. There are no tricky codecs on board, only SBC and AAC. This allows it to be more stable and easier to fight interference and obstacles. Walking around the apartment while the phone is on the charger by the bed causes no trouble at all, also there is no stuttering while running. Speaking of gestures, you can control the headphones with taps.

I don’t know who is responsible for ergonomics at Amazfit, but this fella is a freaking genius. There are only two gestures for each earbud. ONLY Two. Not five, not seven, but two. The first one is a double tap and the second is a triple tap, which completely eliminates accidental reactions when you insert the earphones or adjust their fit. So simple and so clever. Together with gestures’ customization, the app has a built-in equalizer and additional functions for training. What makes running more fun, is a Motion BeatMode that adds more bass to the sound flow. I said BASS – You feel it, right? It is time for some AUDIOPHILE MADNESS.

Well, frankly, in sports all that audio nerd subtleties can be neglected, because, under the sweaty skin and the jumping heartbeat, you will not hear the best of it. But, the group of audiophiles in our office thinks differently! Amazfit PowerBuds do not play highly delightfully, simply because the high frequencies are compressed by the beloved BT, and the bass is too soft. Sometimes, even drums in these headphones do not pound very much. If to be less pedantic, overall the sound is pretty fine.

Here we have a classic V-shape frequency response with very prominent lows and slightly pushed back mids. High frequencies are not boring – Amazfitgave exactly as much as gentle ears can bear, but not a drop less. My big thanks for that. Due to more or less adequate highs, the sound feels at least somehow alive and doesn’t resemble the rumbling inside of the fed-up elephants’ belly. There are no particular biting peaks, high-mids are not highlighted, the midrange overall sounds without frills, but in a clear and relatively detailed way.

Let’s just say, I expected it to be much simpler from the headphones that do not pretend to give a decent sounding and designed for a less demanding buyer. Summarizing the stuff. At first, I was very sceptical about these earbuds. There’s no APTX, their look is highly suspicious trying to go all-in with sports… But in fact, apart from the controversial magnets of ear hooks, Amazfit PowerBuds please in almost everything. Their fit is metaphorically as strong as a nail in a coffin, there’s my favourite gesture that we call… А! User-friendly controls and a transparency mode.

Battery life is just excellent without using the latter one, with it – is simply good. Also reminding you about the rocking microphone and a quite pleasant sound. Among other TWS that play better than PowerBuds, I can name only TFZ X3, but they’re more expensive and are kinda an exception. The thing is: in the world of TWS these guys are well-set and are strong competitors on the market.

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