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Wireless headphone with mic – Corsair Void Elite Review 2021

Topic:- Wireless headphone with mic – Corsair Void Elite Review 2021


Wireless headphone with mic – Corsair Void Elite Review 2021. This is the Corsair Void Elite RGB Wireless and it comes in with a price tag of just 83 US dollars. And they offer wireless via radio frequency, meaning no lag. Great sound quality, super comfortable design with cloth pads. Decent battery life and RGB, that’s always good.


Wireless headphone with mic - Corsair Void Elite Review 2021

Let’s start with unboxing first. As soon as you open the box, you are greeted by the Headphones themselves. And under them you have the instructions manual, your Micro-USB charging cable, 2.4 GHz wireless dongle, and a little foam tip for the attached microphone. While this is the top of the line configuration, you do have a few other configurations you can choose from.

You could opt for the USB or the surround version too. They also come in two colours. I have the Carbon ones while you can also choose the White ones. The headphones have a unique trapezoid shape design. It has a fairly heavy metal frame, but thanks to the foam on the top, which are super soft, and the cloth ear cups, they are still surprisingly comfortable. Overall, it feels well built.


Wireless headphone with mic - Corsair Void Elite Review 2021

The cloth ear cups are flexible which is great for people with glasses. You can adjust the band to fit even wide heads comfortably. It also has a swivel hinge, which makes it more portable and comfortable when on your neck. The Void elite also offers on-ear controls of almost everything except RGB.

On the side of the left ear, you have your power and mic mute button. I don’t really use the mic mute button all that much since the mic mutes itself when flipped up and the microphones also have a red indicator as an indication of when it is muted. And on the bottom of the left ear cup, you have your charging port and a multifunction volume dial.

Pressing the volume dial circles through all your EQ presets from the iCue app. And long-pressing it toggles between surround and stereo. I would have liked to have a 3.5mm jack there too, but in this era of wireless audio, I doubt you did actually feel the need for one. Thanks to the RF wireless.


Wireless headphone with mic - Corsair Void Elite Review 2021

I couldn’t notice any audio delay, and it has a great range too. Corsair rates it to maintain connection upto 12 meters. And I had no problems walking around my apartment with it. These headphones feature 2 custom-tuned 50 mm neodymium audio drivers. And they not only sound great, but they are also super loud. So loud in fact, that I don’t over 30% per cent volume.

The mids and voices are slightly more emphasised meaning it would be difficult to drown out dialogues in-game and it would make it easier to hear footsteps in games like Valorant and Apex Legends. As far as noise isolation goes, it could definitely be better. But thanks to its loud volume it can easily be compensated.

Now, I am using the headsets built-in microphone. It is fairly accurate. But the microphone volume is noticeably quiet. So, you might want to boost it just a little bit. I use a boost of about 10dB. So, I use Equalizer APO. Its design may seem a bit dated. But it is well optimized to use very low resources but still provides very low latency and it is also real-time.


Go to the configuration under capture device, select the device to want to process. And then in the configuration editor. Add PreAMPand and set it to your preferred level. And then your microphone volume has been boosted.


Corsair rates the void elite battery life up to 16 hours. But with the RGB lights turned off, I was able to get 18 hours of playback without issues. But the batteries do drain much quicker with RGB on. But fortunately, you can also reduce the RGB brightness from the iCue app to improve battery life while still having your RGB effects turned on.

And lastly, if you want to use these headphones to their max potential, you need the iCue app since corsair tied a lot of functionalities to the app. You can choose between ranges of effects in the app. If you want to use surround sound, it’s done by the app.

And if you want accurate readings on the battery levels, the only place to do so in the app. It’s not all bad though since the app gives some extra features too. Like for example, you can have voice prompts. Voice prompts replace the beep notifications with voice notifications. You’ll get voice notifications when the battery is low/charging/charged when the mic is muted when the headset will auto-power down (if enabled), connection status, etc.

 And you can also enable auto-shutoff after a certain time. So when it is idle for the set time it shuts itself down to conserve battery.


So, bottom line? What not to like about them? It is super comfortable to wear, sounds great, has a 7.1 surround, and has radiofrequency wireless which gives you the liberty to move around while experiencing no audio delay. A great microphone, great battery life. And to sweeten the deal, it also has RGB. And all this for around 83 bucks. A great deal in my opinion.

Hope this article was helpful and if you have any question regarding these products then leave a comment below.

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