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Best Mini Projector | APEMAN Mini Portable Projector (Review 2021)

Topic:- Best Mini Projector | APEMAN Mini Portable Projector (Review 2021)


Best Mini Projector | APEMAN Mini Portable Projector (Review 2021) In this blog, we are talking about the APEMAN M4 DLP mini projector, that’s capable of displaying an image size of up to 60 inches, it’s so tiny it can even fit into your pocket and it’s true big things do come in small packages and I have put this mini projector to the test and I’ve seen what the image quality is like at different distances and find out, how it copes in different lighting situations and we’ll discuss if it’s any good for productivity gaming or watching movies.

Best Mini Projector | APEMAN Mini Portable Projector (Review 2021)

  • Great build quality.
  • Light and compact.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Midcore in gaming.
  • Above 30 inches, the projector struggles to produce a bright image.

The projector supports Full HD 1080p with a contrast ratio of a thousand to one but its native resolution is 854 by 480 which is low especially if you’re projecting a big image which currently seems to be the trend for these type of compact projectors, it has a projection image size of up to 60 inches although, in the test, I have pushed it towards 100 inches just to see how the quality is affected.

The projection distance ranges from 0.8 meters to 2.6 meters and again I have pushed this to around three meters to get a hundred-inch image display to see how the quality is affected and it comes with a built-in 3400 milliamp power bank which ape-man claim will get you through an hour and a half to two and a half-hour long movie if that isn’t long enough battery time I’ll also tell you what you guys can connect the projector to extend the battery life.


In terms of features, the projector is incredibly basic as there is no remote control and the only functional buttons are the power and volume buttons and a focus wheel on the side and that ‘sit, there is no menu system to adjust the brightness and you can’t correct the image, if you have the projector at a certain angle meaning, you’ll be limited when it comes to the placement of the projector.

Build quality

The build quality of the projector is really good, the top part is made of plastic with a glossy finish whereas, the bottom is also plastic but has a matte finish, the sides are made from some kind of metal which, adds a nice bit of weight to the projector, it’s well built but not as robust as I would like it to be as one drop onto any kind of hard surface would most likely dent the body or shatter, the lens and the parts inside, so handle it with care.


In terms of connectivity, there are ports for our pair of headphones, USB, HDMI and America USB and finally aesthetically, I personally really like its minimal clean sleek design, it’s a parker projector that I would happily carry around with me.

Testing and sample images

But we have tested this mini projector to see what the quality is like, we started with the shortest distance from the wall to the furthest and for each distance, we have run through different lighting situations from daytime to dark conditions. So check them out below.

APEMAN M4APEMAN M4Best Mini Projector | APEMAN Mini Portable Projector (Review 2021)Best Mini Projector | APEMAN Mini Portable Projector (Review 2021)

When I originally recorded a test, there was a lot of flickering on the footage I captured, so I had to slow down the shutter speed on my camera meaning, the image on the wall from the projector looks a bit laggy but I can assure you, it doesn’t look laggy in real-time anyway anything above 30 inches, the projector struggles to produce a bright enough image with natural light coming from the window below 30 inches.

Some content is just about watchable, the closer you get to the wall the brighter the image becomes, making it easier to view the image, you’ll just have to put up with a small image in return in fluorescent and warm light conditions, the image quality improves drastically but as you would expect the further, you move the projector away from the wall to display a large image, the image brightness fades away.

Although it’s still watchable, compared to a room with natural light, it is a shame that the projector has no settings to adjust the brightness or contractor even, sharpness, as they would have improved the image quality even more so in dark conditions with absolutely no room light the image, is bright and I find it enjoyable to watch a movie or TV show but with a native resolution of 854×480, don’t expect to get a sharp image.

It’s more noticeable when you push the projector over its recommended 60 inches, the image becomes blurry and pixilated at 107 inches, the image isn’t great but I don’t mind as it’s still watchable for movies and TV shows etc and for such a tiny device to produce an image size like this it’s pretty cool.


Gaming, on the other hand, it’s not great as it’s too pixilated and dark to pinpoint your enemies in games like call of duty’s war zone, the lack of sharpness and brightness makes it difficult to make out details in the game, for a better gaming experience I would recommend playing at a display size of 60 inches or smaller to get a brighter and sharper image, it might be an improvement but I wouldn’t recommend this monitor for competitive gaming or any games that require focus on high details or reading a lot of text as it’s just not sharp enough.


The issue is also the same for productivity for things like video editing using the word or general web browsing, all these things require being able to read the texts and icons clearly and unfortunately, the projector’s low native resolution isn’t good enough quality.


Sound-wise this tiny projector produces a decent sound nothing groundbreaking but it’s good enough for its size, I think it’s not too bad for its size.

Battery life

Moving on to battery life, I haven’t fully tested a projector’s battery life but if you ever needed to extend it, you could always hook it up to a battery power bank, I was using a 27 000 milliamp power bank from Rav power, it’s capable of charging my iPhone 10 about seven times so it should be more than enough to power this little projector.

Final thought

If you were going over to a friend’s house to watch a movie so you happen to have this tiny projector in your pocket and all of a sudden, you’ve just turned that room into a cinema or if you’re like me and you’re not going anywhere but you just want to lie in bed and project a movie onto the ceiling know, it sounds a bit lazy but it’s certainly a great little device for these kinds of things.

I want to know how would you guys use this is it something you would consider getting what are your thoughts on this portable projector, I want to know and if you have any questions about the projector comment below, well that’s it for this review I hope, it will be helpful for you. Thank you.

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