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TOP 5 Best Gaming TVs To Enhance Your Gaming Experience! [ 2021 Buyer’s Guide ]

In this article, we’re going to look at the “Top 5 Best Gaming TVs” available on the market today.  We made this list based on our personal views and customer reviews, and we have picked some of the best products, which we’ve considered their quality, specification, and values and makes it is easy for you to pick up the right one. If you want more information and updating price regarding these products, be sure to check the links in the table below.


TOP 5 Best Gaming TVs To Enhance Your Gaming Experience! [ 2021 Buyer’s Guide ]

Hisense 55-Inch Class H9 Quantum Series Android 4K ULED Smart TV with Hand-Free Voice Control

Hisense 55-Inch Class H9 Quantum Series Android 4K ULED Smart TV

  • Designed to fit any home
  • Excellent color depth profile
  • Rapid Response time is Great for Gaming
  • Brightness settings feel unbalanced when switching between different media platforms


Hisense 55H9G: Ideal for presenting your beloved movies, shows, sports, or immersive gaming, the Hisense 55H9G tv set has everything you need. With its delicate silver bezel along three sides, it should easily fit any room decor. There are two bassy downward-firing 10-watt Dolby Atmos speakers to provide some quality sound without the need for additional speaker purchase, And the set uses two center-mounted triangular feet for convenient tabletop placement. The advantage of this is that it can safely sit on a credenza that is smaller than the screen’s 48.5-inch width, although this can make it tricky to slide a soundbar or box under the screen.

For wall installations, the 55H9G works with standard VESA mounts. Moreover, looking at the back of the unit on the right-hand side of the TV is a connector panel; you’ll find four HDMI 2.0 connections, two USB, an Ethernet jack, Digital Audio output, a coaxial connection for cable or antenna, RCA composite video input, and a headphone jack. So whatever your preferred media input device, it will be compatible. This Hisense H9G is an LCD panel enhanced with a quantum dot film to deliver a much wider spectrum of colors. This 4K set also has a full-array backlight with 132 local dimming zones, improving contrast within challenging scenes. Additionally, several preset picture modes include sports, movies, and a Filmmaker Mode.

For general viewing, its ‘Theater Night Mode’ is usually best as it turns off video processing such as motion smoothing and adds dynamic contrast with noise reduction put down to medium; this gives a much more realistic and easier-to-see image. The best thing about the Hisense 55H9G is its impressive color accuracy. It’s capable of a Delta-E score of 0.92. And considering that any number less than 2 is a good result, the Hisense is definitely impressive. Furthermore, gamers know that every second can count, particularly online or during challenging video game levels, so with this unit, it’s good to know that it has a rapid response with a tested lag time of just 16.1 milliseconds, making it great for sitting back and playing games with your friends.

Moreover, the device is powered by an Android TV, which has a clean, minimalist layout that is easy and intuitive to navigate, delivering plenty of default apps while giving you the ability to add hundreds of other apps in numerous categories from the Google Play Store. Finally, with Chromecast built-in, you can send content from your phone to your TV effortlessly at any time. The Hisense 55H9G is a device with many connectivity options and excellent color representation; it’s perfect for those looking to stream films or games regularly.

LG 55SM8600PUA Nano 8 Series 55″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED NanoCell TV 

LG 55SM8600PUA Nano 8 Series 55

  • It has a very sleek design
  • Picture quality is great
  • Very little latency making it better for gaming
  • Voice command feature is not particularly intuitive


LG SM8600PUA: The LG NanoCell SM8600 is, like most other TVs these days, slick and thin-looking, so it will definitely match up with any decor you may have in your living or home theatre room. It has an included Magic Remote that is roughly the same size as a standard controller: 2-inches wide and 7 1/2-inches long; there’s also a voice button for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The LG NanoCell SM8600 ThinQ AI TV has a 3/8-inch side and top bezels and a 3/4-inch bottom bezel. As a result, the bezels don’t detract from the viewing experience as the picture goes almost edge to edge. What’s more, as far as the actual picture quality goes, the SM8600 is definitely crisp and clear, especially in its 55-inch available size.

Moreover, with its NanoCell Display technology, your LED-backlit TV can emit more accurate colors with less reflectivity and with much deeper black levels. Also, the wider viewing angle provided through this system means lifelike picture quality, and excellent picture clarity can be experienced from any seat in the house. Even with a TV sitting about 8 feet from the couch, you’ll have no issues with the crispness of the display. The colors are bright and vivid, and the default contrast provides relatively rich blacks. Like most TVs, the colors can easily be adjusted between various picture modes or fine-tuned to your liking.

The SM8600 also has an excellent feature called Instant Game Response; this works with the built-in artificial intelligence processor to enhance refresh rate and responsiveness. It proves to be a very effective feature when turned on and tested out with Xbox One X. Overall, LG’s Instant Game Response technology allows for low-input lag while gaming and

it works very well, so if you plan on playing intense, fast-paced games where every second could be crucial, this is the TV set for you. The LG SM8600PUA is a solid TV set for general use yet still has great performance when it comes to playing video games. Still haven’t found a Gaming TV that meets your needs? Well, keep watching because we have more lined up for you. Meanwhile, if this is your first time visiting our channel, be sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to receive notifications of our next videos.

Sony X950H 55-inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility

Sony X950H 55-inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility

  • Basic settings are pretty much perfect for the majority of content
  • Excellent built-in speakers
  • Works amazingly well with the PlayStation
  • Unstable stand design that can be an issue if you have accident-prone kids.


Sony X950H: If you like to watch a lot of films or play video games that feature large-scale cinematic cutscenes, the level of detail and contrast provided by this product will make it ideal for you. In terms of performance, this Sony TV has been able to nail that natural look with its impeccable color accuracy, bringing you a more immersive experience. It’s essentially the ISF preset you’d find on other sets, with slightly subdued brightness, a tinge of warmth, and little motion processing, yet in most tests, the TV’s Custom preset is pretty much perfect without any tweaking.

This makes this tv far quicker to set up than others on this list. If you do need something a bit brighter or more vivid, you can use the Standard picture mode with HDR Remaster for HD/SDR content to get that artificial pop or raise the settings to their max with the Vivid mode that you’ll see on store shelves. Of course, it’s worth noting that you’ll get the most out of this set when viewing content that’s filmed in native 4K/HDR as it will be able to take advantage of the entire array lighting design and beautiful Triluminos color reproduction tech. Even so, regardless of what you watch, the picture quality will be excellent.

What’s more, with Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG all supported, you should have plenty of options to choose from in terms of content as Sony TVs uses Android TV as their primary smart platform with basically every app including; HBO Max and Disney Plus alongside usual staples like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. Furthermore, the addition of a second amplifier for the two top drivers on the back of the TV is an outright game-changer as it means dialogue is much clearer.

And while it’s not quite a soundbar, the level of clarity produced significantly outpaces most built-in speaker systems. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, as this is a Sony product, it works incredibly well with the PlayStation. You can take your experience to the next level thanks to its dedicated Game Mode for giving a smoother, more responsive gaming experience and optimized picture quality. The Sony X950H is a solid overall product that’s great for viewing multiple types of content without needing to adjust settings constantly.

LG 55NANO90UPA Alexa Built-In NanoCell 90 Series 55″ 4K Smart UHD NanoCell TV

LG 55NANO90UPA Alexa Built-In NanoCell 90 Series 55

  • Its In-Plane Shifting arrangement is perfect for hosting gaming tournaments
  • It comes with a vast range of media apps included
  • It supports high-quality sound systems
  • It can lack some general depth and contrast due when viewed in a certain way.


LG 90UNA: Regardless of what games you prefer to play, image quality is always essential; with the LG, action, and color are given a new lease of life, with enhanced picture quality brought to you through LG’s 4K processor. Unlike many LCD TVs from their competitors, the NanoCell 90 utilizes an In-Plane Switching panel instead of the usual Vertical Alignment panel. This means that the IPS panel has far superior viewing angles, which allows images to look good even if sitting off to the side.

This makes it perfect for gathering your friends in one room for a gaming tournament, as no one will complain about not being able to see the screen. In practice, the IPS screen provided here doesn’t disappoint. While off-axis color and contrast usually fades and distorts on LCD TVs from other brands, the LG NanoCell 90 is capable of maintaining its picture performance exceptionally well, even if you’re sitting at an odd angle about the screen. This is great just in general if your coach can’t be placed directly in front of the TV or if you just like to have viewing parties with guests seated in different parts of the room.

It’s worth noting that the local dimming does become more noticeable when off-center, but, in general, viewing angles are more crucial, and this product benefits from providing the best. Furthermore, the NanoCell 90 uses LG’s webOS innovative TV platform, giving a quick and responsive system with an assortment of apps and handy features. What’s more, the included Magic Remote has built-in support for Google Assistant or Alexa, allowing you to choose which voice assistant you want to use.

Its digital assistant functionality and voice recognition works well, letting you easily find content, launch apps, and google questions, all without leaving the couch. Additionally, with the LG, you get; Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Apple TV Plus, Peacock, and virtually every other major streaming service app you could want to be included, plus the general navigation is pretty snappy, and there are no significant issues with lag or crashes, which is usually common with this type of device.

Lastly, HDR10, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos support are all supported, so you can easily set up a home surround sound system with no compatibility issues whatsoever. The LG 90UNA is a product designed for enjoyment by multiple people at once; it’s ideal for those that often host movie or game nights. Before we reveal number one, be sure to check out the description below for the newest deals on each of these items. And, be sure to subscribe if you want to stay up to date on the best products on the market.

SAMSUNG 50-inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series – 4K UHD HDR Smart TV with Alexa Built-in

SAMSUNG 50-inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series - 4K UHD HDR Smart TV with Alexa Built-in

  • It’s one of the best in class overall Smart TVs available on the market
  • It has a huge range of connectivity and content features
  • Its breakneck input speed is unparalleled
  • Its mounting bracket instructions are unclear

Finally, our top Gaming TV is the Samsung TU-8000. For the past few years, Samsung’s 8 Series has been a great go-to option for TV buyers wanting to balance performance and price in a way that once seemed unfathomable. It uses Samsung’s Crystal LCD UHD panel technology and promises ease of use, a minimalistic design, choice of built-in voice assistant, and a best-in-class smart TV system. There is also a whole host of screen sizes to choose from, so you can really make it work for your space. Despite its frame being primarily made of plastic, the TU8000 is a really well-built TV.

This smart TV system features all the on-demand and catch-up apps you could want, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and Disney Plus. It can also mirror your laptop or mobile phone screen through its Windows wireless display support, Apple AirPlay, and Samsung’s SmartThings app. This TV additionally supports remote access to PCs, Samsung’s DeX docking systems, cloud access to Office 365, and includes a web browser. There’s even the arty Ambient Mode included here, something not seen outside of the QLED range until now.

The TU8000 impresses with its natural color handling, crisp, detailed picture, solid motion processing, and good upscaling. The detail is fantastic, black levels are intense, and overall it’s a realistic and engaging picture that holds its own against the competition. Moreover, this has an impressively low lag with only a bit of tweaking. For the most part, this TV has a relatively high input lag of 82.5 milliseconds in normal viewing modes with Game mode turned off. Yet when you turn the Game mode on, it cuts that down to 19.4 milliseconds, which puts the TU8000 well beneath the threshold to be considered one of the best TVs for gaming.

It can do even better, though, if you go into the External Device Manager menu, select Game mode, and disable the Game MotionPlus motion smoothing feature. This drops the input lag down to just 3.2 milliseconds, which puts it in gaming monitor territory. It’s for this reason that the Samsung TU8000 is top of our list today. The Samsung TU-8000 is an outstanding TV set for gaming that’s recommended for anyone looking for high performance and great picture quality.

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So this concludes the topic for TOP 5 Best Gaming TVs To Enhance Your Gaming Experience! [2021 Buyer’s Guide]. That’s about it for me, I forgot to tell you something, If you’re enjoying this article, please make sure to share the article. If you have any questions, comment down below, and I’ll try my best to answer them.



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